Dusty, sunshine and beautiful people

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I have had the joy of visiting mission partners in Africa before but this was my first time in South Sudan and it is hard to describe the experience. It appears a long time ago since we left the bus station in Belfast to travel to Dublin airport. There has been much laughter and craic and it has been a joy to be part of this team as we have fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle.

There have been the funny moments of Sudanese pounds being washed because they were left in a team member’s shirt pocket although another team member who laughed at the expense of Andrew then left his camera memory card in his shirt pocket before he washed his shirt. Andrew would want me to tell you that that person was David.

We have visited various church projects and met so many people and have offered our teaching to people who are so grateful we are here. The hospitality and welcome has been humbling and the joy of the people we meet is infectious. These are people who have lived through decades of war and so many have lost so much. With great dignity they are putting together their future.

In the conversations I have had I have witnessed the most amazing paradox of a deep sadness and pain of what they have lost and yet the most profound joy in what they have, not lost a remarkable faith in the God who is faithful. This is a deep rooted faith that does not know what the future holds but is living in the present moment and grateful for it.

In these moments of building relationships I have experienced so many God moments. We as a team have experienced them as we prepare and adapt to programme changes and different situations. We are learning to go with the flow rather than be focused on an agenda or programme.

I found myself in one of the sessions of synod today because it was one of the few free moments I had and arrived at the moment in which Bishop Hilary wanted me to speak on a particular issue. He described it as a God moment. These God moments have been a constant theme of the week. Coincidences do appear to happen most when we pray.



liz said Sun, 20 Jan 2013 08:08PM
Thank you to all the team for letting us know how things are going it really helps us feel part of things. Hope you continue to be blessed as you bless those you are sharing with.Looking forward to having you home. Liz

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