Experiencing the warmth, in more ways than one!

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Two weeks ago South Sudan was the name of a country that I was planning to visit. I was excited, I was nervous, I had no idea what lay ahead.

Today, as I reflect, I have tasted the dust, smelt the air, felt the the warmth of the air, tried the food but most importantly I have met the people and South Sudan now has a special place in my heart and I know I will never be the same again.

I have heard many people describe their experiences in Africa, I hoped that some day I might go. This opportunity has been incredible but I wonder now how I will put into words what we have seen and shared. I think it is part of the mystery, you can hear stories and share photos and in some way try to understand, but is only in being there that you can experience.

People with very very little, but with everything I strive for. Smiles, joy, peace and grace. I have so much to learn from their outlook and from their utter dependence on God. People for whom your very ‘being there’ was all that mattered. People who will have a special place in my heart forever.

On our first day we visited the YVTC, (Yei Vocational Training College). It was empty as the students were away, but I didn’t realise that as first. The place felt despondent. I could only think of the potential that was there.

Contrast that to Monday night. That morning we were invited to share at the Youth Camp that was meeting in Yei. Imagine a huge tin roof shed/warehouse full of young people. Many had traveled hours to be there. We sang and sang and danced and danced. As a team we shared the camp talk – it was a an honour to stand before the ‘future’ of South Sudan. Over 300 young people…what potential.

South Sudan is a place with potential…I only hope that I can return some day to meet and greet, to share and learn so many wonderful lessons from an amazing place and an incredible people.

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