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Featured Opportunity
Teach or volunteer with KISC, Nepal

Kathmandu International Study Centre is an international school that supports missionary families by providing high-quality education for their children, allowing them to work, live and serve in Nepal. KISC is managed by CMSI’s partners – Human Development and Community Services (HDCS).

KISC is looking for teachers in the following areas for 2018/19:

+ History Teacher
+ English Teacher
+ RE Teacher
+ ESL Teacher
+ A-Level Spanish Teacher (Senior Level)
+ Secondary Music Teacher
+ Secondary Student Support
+ Head of HR / Recruitment Officer

Working at KISC is a great way to support the global Church as well as getting an insight into life and faith in Nepal.

Contact CMSI’s Personnel Manager, Gillian Maganda for further details.

Other Opportunities with our Global Partners

CMSI’s Global Partners are often looking for people from Ireland to come and work with them, fulfilling roles that will support their mission objectives.

Perhaps you feel that God is grabbing your attention and asking you to take a step of faith, by persuing a role as a Mission Partner or short-term volunteer.

If so, here are some current opportunities to serve with our Global Partners.

(For more information on any of these opportunities please contact our Personnel Manager through either our Dublin or Belfast offices or by email.)

Luweero Diocese, Kiwoko Hospital
• Finance and Administration Director – a qualified and experienced individual who will provide financial/administrative oversight for Kiwoko Hospital, mentor and build capacity with the Senior Management Team, and manage relationships and communication with the hospital’s external donors. The individual will need to have a professional/management qualification, with more than 5 years’ experience in a similar senior management position and have previous cross-cultural experience.

Diocese of Madi West Nile, Arua
• Vocational Training Centre Programmes Coordinator: (3 years – Mission Partner) The VTC provides vocational training in carpentry, building, plumbing, electrics and mechanics. The role will involve project and people management experience, while ensuring financially sustainability.

SD Church
• Youth Leader (1 year STEP) – Experience in youth work, particularly disabled or marginalized youth.
• Pastoral Counselor – (6 month STEP). Building capacity with SDC leaders in developing their counselling skills, with a focus on disability counselling.
• Advisor/Trainer – for Ministry with disabled people. Having the ability to develop a curriculum and train Nepali churches in holistic ministry to the disabled.
• Wheelchair Sports Coach: (MPO or STEP) A resourceful individual who can encourage and train individuals in sport, particularly for wheelchair users.
• Handicraft Designer (1 – 3 month STEP): Handicraft design, production and marketing of Nepali crafts that will appeal to a Western market.
• Website Designer (1 month STEP) – a person who can design and upload a new website for SDC and SDSS, and provide training to staff for maintenance and continued development.
• Database Designer (1-3 month STEP): Ability to design a user-friendly database for patient records and reporting
• Video Recorder/Editor (1 month MPO): Filming and editing promotional videos for the overall work of SDC and SDSS.

Kajiado Diocese
• Doctor/Project Manager for Diocesan clinic (Mission Partner – 2 years min): Experienced doctor (tropical medicine trained) with the ability to manage staff, and set up new systems and procedures.
• School Teachers – (1 year onwards – STEP or Mission Partner) resourceful individuals who can work alongside and support Kenyan teaching staff.
• Computer Tutor – (1 – 3 months – STEP): Ability to teach and train others in computer skills
• Theological Training – (6 – 12 months STEP): Providing training in Theological Education by Extension (TEE).
• Museum Developer – (3 – 6 months STEP): An individual, with Anthropological understanding, is required to help with the setting up of a Maasai Museum.
• Vocational Training Tutor – (min 1 year – STEP or Mission Partner) with experience in vocational training.

Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and Horn of Africa:
Refuge Egypt: Refuge Egypt provides humanitarian assistance, medical services, employment and educational programs for refugees in Cairo.
• Donor Relations Officer – 6 months onwards (STEP or Mission Partner)
• Head of Family Support – (STEP or Mission Partner)
• Adult English Teachers – (STEP or Mission Partner)
• Head of Capacity & Livelihood Programme – (STEP or Mission Parnter)

Episcopal Training Centre: Operating under EpiscoCar
_ETC provides Arabic and English Language classes; seeking to demonstrate God’s love by empowering others
• English Teachers – (STEP – 1 yr – or Mission Partner) who are TEOFL qualified.

Kajo-Keji Diocese
• Finance Advisor: (1 – 3 years STEP or Mission Partner) with the ability to train staff in the diocesan finance department.
• Librarian: (3 years – Mission Partner) to assist in the setting up and organizing of the theological college’s library – good computer skills are essential along with a minimum of 1 year commitment.
• FM Radio Manager: (6 months – 2 years STEP or Mission Partner) who has excellent IT skills and Media Management; to help set up and train local staff to run the diocesan radio station.
• Tutors in Management, Community Development, Theology, Teacher Training: (3 years – Mission Partner) who can assist with training diocesan project managers to reach their full potential in ministry – Short-term placement are available.
• Programmes Advisor: (2 years – Mission Partner) with experience in community development and management, to assist with fundraising and project design for the diocese.
• PA to the Bishop: (2 years – Mission Partner) with good writing and organisational skills.
• Youth, Children & Schools Ministry Advisor: (3 years – Mission Partner) to work alongside Diocesan staff to build capacity in Youth & Children’s work.
• Development Programmes Advisor: (3 years – Mission Partner)
Ibba Diocese:
• Heath & Education Projects Coordinator: (2 years – Mission Partner), an individual who can produce project proposals, fundraise, report to donors and monitor finances.

Maridi Diocese
• English Teacher: (STEP or Mission Partner) to provide quality language training for diocesan clergy and theological students.
• Development Officer: (2 years – Mission Partner), an individual who can produce project proposals, fundraise, report to donors and monitor finances.
• PA to the Bishop: (2 years – Mission Partner) with good writing and organisational skills.