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Since the beginning of 2016, we’ve been updating the CMSI members’ register. We’re looking for CMSI Stars to stand with the society and ensure that we can continue to equip the church in mission. This page provides some background on CMSI membership and explains what you need to do to become a CMSI Star.

The Membership Update form is available here

CMSI and Membership

CMSI is a member organisation – made up of members, led by members.

In CMSI, much of our work in Ireland focuses on local churches: helping parishes engage with mission, promoting and facilitating partnerships with the global Church. These are our core activities. But these things are only possible because of individuals – individuals who see the breadth of CMSI’s work and want to get behind the whole society; individuals who feel a sense of connection with CMSI; individuals who support the society and our partners in many ways. These people have been key to our past; they remain key to our future. Individuals matter to CMSI.

Membership is a way for such individuals to stand with the Society, to indicate a sense of ‘belonging’ and commitment. Membership is also central to the way in which the Society is led.

Our Board of Trustees, who generally meet together four or five times each year, provide the governance and oversight for the Society. The Board is comprised of CMSI members and is elected by CMSI members – if you are a member of the Society, the Board of Trustees represents you! As a member, the make-up of this group of leaders is partly your responsibility – through the election process at CMSI’s Annual General Meeting.

For CMS Ireland Membership matters. Here are three ways to get involved:
a. Become a member; or renew your membership (see below)
b. Take part in the process of electing Trustees
c. Attend the Annual Members’ Day (in April) and other CMSI events

Searching for CMSI stars

In order to comply with charity legislation, we are required to regularly update our membership list – a task that is long overdue. Throughout 2016 and 2017, we’re trying to address this issue.

On this occasion, however we want to do more than a simple update: we want to use this as an opportunity to breathe new life into membership; we want to renew our commitment to ‘our people’ and to draw the CMSI family closer together as a constellation of little stars. After all, when we shine together, we shine more brightly.

CMSI has many active supporters who aren’t signed up as members. CMSI has lots of listed members who aren’t actively engaged as supporters. As we update our list of members, we want to address both these things. We long to see individuals choosing to stand with CMSI as members, who actively support the society and who want to be present with us and with each other.

What is a CMSI Star?
At its simplest, a CMSI Star is an individual who (from December 2015) chooses to renew their membership of CMSI or to join for the first time, by completing a membership form. We’re looking for more than ‘paper members’ in this process; we want people who will stand up and be counted, people who will help CMSI to keep going and keep growing, people who will shine as CMSI Stars.

What does CMSI expect from its CMSI Stars?
While there’s no formal selection process, we want membership of CMSI to involve a conscious commitment, an active choice to stand with the society. We therefore expect our members to:

• Support and uphold CMSI’s ethos and our work
• Pray regularly for CMSI and our partners
• Engage with CMSI’s work (attend events, read inMission magazine…)
• Give regularly to CMSI’s General Fund

What can CMSI Stars expect from CMSI?
As a staff team, we’ve made a commitment to invest more time and energy in ‘our people’ – developing membership, encouraging and facilitating local members groups. Members can expect input and engagement from us. More specifically, from the end of 2015, everyone who signs up as a new member, or who refreshes their current membership, will be added to our updated members’ register and will receive the following:

• A CMSI Stars Welcome Pack
• Members’ Updates at least twice per year
• An invitation to ‘Shine’ – our Annual Members’ Day in Dublin
• Invitations to other CMSI events and to occasional, local members’ gatherings

Signing-up as a CMSI Star
If you’re currently a CMSI member, we’d love you to renew your membership and become a CMSI Star. If you’ve never signed up, we’d love you to do so for the first time.

If you’ve been a member in the past, but don’t want to renew your membership, do please let us know so we can update our records.

You can begin, renew or cancel your CMSI membership, by clicking the link to our Membership Update Form

To find out more about supporting CMSI through regular giving, visit our Donations Page.

Paper copies of these forms are available from the CMSI offices.

(We recognise that there will be those currently listed as members, who – whether intentionally or not – don’t respond to this request. Please be assured that we won’t cancel anyone’s membership of CMSI unless they ask us to do so. We’ll continue to send inMission and information about our Annual General Meeting to all current members. However, the additional resources and opportunities listed above will only be available to those who choose to renew their commitment.)