Something Worth Thinking About

Ronnie___maggie_3 Posted by Ronnie & Maggie Briggs on Fri, 24 Aug 2007 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

The first week in August saw the third wave of Mission Placement Opportunist’s arrive here with us in Isinya. Six people in total, all with a range of skills from a nurse to a minister, a retired teacher, TEE support and a Mother’s Union worker.

They go off each day in different directions to carry out their work, and come together again in the evening to share the stories of the day. It’s always interesting listening to the various experiences and to help them to understand parts of the culture which they’ve encountered but not fully comprehended.

They all undoubtedly have an impact on the community within which they are welcomed. So far it has all been a positive impact, and as some have said, the MPO’s themselves feel they get more out of it than what they bring to the community. There has been such an impact in a place called Enoositet – an isolated community an hour and a half south east of us. We were invited there to help the community with their development – water, health and education etc. After several visits it became clear that something wasn’t quite right within the community. It soon came to light that two of the senior elders had a long standing dispute. We knew the community couldn’t move forward without this being resolved, so a meeting was arranged for them to come and air their grievances. All of this took quite a few visits, and with each one some of the MPO’s were with us. Eventually the two quarrelling elders managed to reconcile their differences and said they were able to work through it all by measuring their dispute against the love and concern the church was showing them. By visiting each time with an MPO, who they saw had travelled a great distance and were so concerned about the situation, they realised their quarrel was over nothing very much and wasn’t worth stopping the development within the community. Jane Corbett went to visit on Tuesday 21st August with the mobile clinic and there she saw the two elders both attending the clinic. This is a wonderful outcome and one which the MPO’s should be very proud of. This was something we did not envisage when we first set the concept of the MPO in place – definitely something worth thinking about!