Is it an end or a beginning?

Ronnie___maggie_3 Posted by Ronnie & Maggie Briggs on Mon, 10 Sep 2007 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

Our time in Kenya is coming to an end and after 21 visitors over 3 months, more than 500 lovingly prepared evening meals, thousands of kilometres travelled over rough roads and hundreds of people befriended I think we can deem the Mission Placement Opportunity (MPO) experiment a success! With so many people on their way back to their various parishes enthused and encouraged by their contact with Kajiado then we can be sure that the partnership link between the Churches in Ireland and Kajiado will go on from strength to strength.

As we travel back on Wednesday the 12th, in time for mbrace , we can reflect on the first MPO mission successfully completed. Many unique relationships were formed. The various communities have been enriched by all the different kinds of people they have encountered, and the gifts they have shared. Churches have been strengthened and encouraged in their daily routine of ministry – even in their remoteness they are not alone. All this wrapped up in good humour and shared fun amongst new-found friends.

We came out to Kenya in the hope it will help improve Naomi’s health, and our prayers were fulfilled in the most unexpected way. After a diagnosis of Brucellosis, which has been in her body the whole time, we had to get used to the idea that she in fact doesn’t, and never had M.E! Three weeks on her medication and already a stark improvement has occurred. So much so that she doesn’t need her wheelchair anymore – how amazing is that! She came out here, to Kenya, depending on it, and now she’s going home on her own two feet. So she decided to donate the wheelchair to the ‘Health for All’ clinic in Kajiado and on Friday 8th the handover took place and the new chapter in her life began.

We don’t know how we can thank you all for your continued support and prayers for Naomi but it has truly been an amazing and miraculous transformation – thank you and may God continue to bless you as well.