News from October 2007


Greetings from Kiwoko.

We’ve had a busy week entertaining some visitors from the Ulster hospital. It has been good to have them – they were involved with helping optimise the pictures produced by our x-ray equipment; train our ward sisters; judge our inter-ward competition; visit patients in the community; share at morning worship; provide physio on the wards when our physio Alison was busy with the HIV +ve children; and generally encourage staff by their presence.

It was also great to receive some finance they had raised which will help subsidize costs for treatment provided on paediatric ward and also send a nurse for further training.

They are part of a project to build links with the Ulster hospital which seems to be a most worthwhile endeavour so far!

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Wilsons_2013 Posted by Rory Wilson on Mon, 29 Oct 2007 | Visit Rory, Denise & Gideon Wilson's blog

Good to be Home

Better late than never they say….. well late I am, but it is good to be blogging again at last.

I’m back in Uganda after a few weeks in the UK. It was great to see some folk, attend the CMSI mBrace conference, meet some hospital supporters, swim in the sea, walk in Cairn wood, organise some equipment to be brought out, have a fish supper with Granny, get some bits for the bike and house……

Sorry if you are one of the people whom I was sitting in Heathrow lamenting our lack of having met up – hopefully next time we will succeed.

And I have been a bit too busy for blogging for far too long– hopefully no longer so.

But to be honest it is now good to be home. While saying goodbye to my friends and family in Ireland is always hard (not least this time with the lovely Denise) it has been good to get back to Kiwoko.

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You Heard it Here First

Personally (Ken here) I blame Niall Manogue.

Niall recently left Kiwoko to take up the post of Regional Mission Partner with CMS Ireland. While Niall was at Kiwoko we would run together to unwind from a day in the office. On one of these runs Niall challenged me to run the Belfast marathon – thinking that he was not serious I said I would if he would. That was me thinking of course that Niall would not be so – what’s the word – foolish.Anyway it seems that he is and so we have committed ourselves to running the Belfast marathon on May Day 2008 in Belfast.

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