Gang Violence Escalating

Magandas Posted by Gillian Maganda on Mon, 03 Dec 2007 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

This past Thursday evening, my beloved husband arrived home from work tired, hungry and in need of a listening ear. He’d had a hard day at the office. Suddenly he had the urge to visit Refuge Egypt’s pre-school, which is very close to our house, and check up on the Youth English classes. About 5 minutes after he arrived, around 20 gang members descended upon the pre-school and were trying to force their way in the gate. They were looking for a certain rival gang member and started beating one of our staff members who was baracading the door. He was joined by a young single mother, to provide fortification for the gate and from no where, one of the gang members produced a large machette and sliced the hand of the young mum; and started punching the RE staff member even harder. They stole the bag of the young lady, containing her last 50 pounds; along with her house key and mobile phone. Within a few seconds the gang members dispersed and by the time David and other staff members had come out to see what was happening, the trouble makers were well gone. Immediately they had to take the young mother to a local clinic as she was bleeding heavily; and also our staff member in charge of the Youth programme. Arriving at the clinic, they were getting the run-around treatment from Egyptian medical staff in charge of the clinic. David had to raise his voice at them to get them to attend to the lady. Our staff member was lucky in that he only suffered bruised ribs. Because the young single mum’s bag was stolen, and her house key was inside; they then had to go and look for a lock smith who could break down the door of her small apartment and replace the lock. She had left her two young kids inside, unsupervised. (Oh Lord!). In the end, David arrived home at 12:30 totally shaken up and exhausted. All in a days work!!! Continue praying for these young men who are involved daily in acts of violence, mostly against their own community.

Last night (Tuesday 4th December) there was another attack upon the school by the same gang of youths. They must think we are an easy target for their petty theft – pray for one lady who was again slashed with a knife. Pray for wisdom and guidance for the leaders of the youth programme on how they can improve security and know the way forward.

Thursday 6th December: The RE leadership have decided for the time being, that we can’t continue running the evening English classes in Maadi, until we have police in place to provide security. Pray that the actions of these ruthless young men won’t destroy opportunities for others who truly want to learn and develope in their lives.