Happy Christmas to All Our Readers

Wilsons_2013 Posted by Rory Wilson on Sat, 22 Dec 2007 | 1 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to del.icio.us Post this to Facebook

Yesterday was the Kiwoko hospital Christmas party.

With singing, sketches, food, speeches it was an excellent afternoon. Students, staff and children presented, and unlike last year the rain stayed away and let us eat the roasted bull in peace. In a few weeks the health care at Kiwoko will be twenty years old. January 1998 saw Ian Clarke and his family move to Kiwoko and the first provision of health care locally for many years. From what was then a community based health project, patient needs have driven us to become the hospital that we are today. Our roots remain very much in the community and preventative community based education a priority. At the party it was good to be able to celebrate the handful of “historicals” remaining who were part of the original team in those early days. We also reflected with gratefulness the support of many far away (that means you) who support us in prayer, practical means and with finance –as you weren’t there to hear it yesterday let me say it again – thank you. It was also good to be able to celebrate a year almost passed. A year with plenty of challenges, but as a team, in God’s strength we seem to have met those challenges and are more than ever focussed on our goals of serving all those in need and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have many challenges for the year ahead.

Developing our middle and senior management team is a crucial, though slow process. We hope that one of the benefits with our link with the South East Trust in Northern Ireland (roughly = Ulster +Lisburn Hospitals and the community trusts connected with them,) will be further development of these staff. Though our financial position is better than one year ago, we will need to further increase some salaries in the next financial year and continue to increase and improve upon our standard of housing to attract and maintain good staff.

We still have a few key gaps needing filled in senior positions both on the clinical and administration sides.

The main theme for the end of the year in Kiwoko in thankfulness:

Please thank God for his faithfulness over 20 years.

Thank him for the provision of staff and finance such that we are in a better position today than we were a year ago.

Thank Him for those who in the midst of suffering have found healing here, particularly those who have also committed their lives to follow Jesus themselves.

Thank him for the many donors and supporters within and without Uganda who enable us to continue the work we do every day.

And finally…

Thank you for reading. Happy Christmas to you and your family. I’ll be working over the new year so don’t call over…but if you’re passing by sometime next year do call in for a cup of tea.




Steve Jones said Tue, 26 Feb 2008 11:29AM
Happy New Year, Rory! Just caught up on the blog during some late-night peace and quiet, as I had abandoned ship during the literary drought. I got my usual wave of shock, delight, amazement and horticultural admiration as I read the recent posts. Can't believe you're growing pineapples - that's just fabulous. Kenya has been emblazoned all over our TV screens, at least until Britney Spears went nuts, which prompted some of the same thoughts you had after getting back from the UK - priorities here are just strange, wrong, irrelevant... we have no idea what survival is, what's really and truly important. Can we ever know it in the west? Anyway, captain, please take care and keep the posts coming. I had a good chat with Niall when I was home at Christmas, and he says what you are doing is nothing short of miraculous. To close in the Ali G style... 'spect