Poppy's Marvellous Medicine...

Img_4014 Posted by David Gough on Wed, 26 Mar 2008 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to del.icio.us Post this to Facebook

Sometimes, when it comes to prayer, we are surprisingly timid. I am often struck by the difference in how we pray and how our partners pray. It occurs to me that learning from our partners about how God has responded to the needs of His people around the World is one way to be encouraged to greater boldness and intimacy in prayer.

One of our Short Term Mission Partners, Poppy Spens, recently shared with me how God responded more directly than she ever imagined to a prayer request in Southern Sudan.

“[During our Alpha Course] on Tuesday John read a bit from Simon Guillebaud’s book about an answer to prayer – concerning a hot water bottle and a doll. It was in Congo. A mother died in childbirth and the baby was premature. The older sister of the new baby prayed that God would send, that day, a hot water bottle to keep the baby warm and a doll for her to stop her feeling lonely now her mum had died. No postal service there. No hot water bottles or dolls available.That day, a parcel arrived. They opened it and out came a hot water bottle. The little girl said there must be a doll as well. She grabbed the box and felt in it! You’ve guessed – there was one more item…a doll. The parcel had been sent from UK 5 months earlier and arrived the very day it was required!

That’s the background..here’s the rest…

Yesterday one of the clinic staff came to me with a recurrence of a fungal infection in his mouth. We had used the only treatment available here which helps while he is taking it but the problem returns as soon as he stops the treatment. His mouth is very sore and swollen. I wished I had a particular drug called fluconazole which should heal it. It is not available here – as it is only obtainable in UK on prescription. So I thought of the story outlined above and prayed for it to be available. 30 minutes later, the door was knocked. Two Americans with three large bags bursting with medicines. Did we want them for the clinic? They were Methodists at the end of a 2 week mission trip to Yei with medicines left over. So I accepted them gratefully for the clinic. After they left, I remembered my prayer. There must be fluconazole in the boxes I thought. You’ve guessed….there it was!

We have never before been given a gift of medicines and for it to include fluconazole was unbelievable! God arranged for the drug to come from America to be delivered on the very day it was needed.”

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