News from Friday, 25 April 2008

The Upside Down Kingdom. The Back-to-front Empire.

I have spent a fait bit of my time writing recently. Whilst researching some stuff I stumbled across this quote from Tom Sine – and loved it.

“When Jesus began teaching he made it clear that his new empire would be unlike any empire the world had ever seen. It came on a donkey’s back. It’s imperial council was comprised of a handful of unemployed fishermen, a couple of IRS agents, a prostitute and some hangers on.

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Long Term Partnership is Vital Claims Archbishop of Burundi


CMS Ireland’s Regional Mission Partner for Mid Africa, Niall Manogue, has recently returned from a visit to Burundi, where he spent time with CMS Ireland’s partners in Gitega and Matana Dioceses.

During his visit he had the opportunity to meet Archbishop Bernard Ntahoturi and they took the chance to discuss why the growing partnership between Ireland and Burundi is proving to be significant.

You can listen to an extract of their time together here or read on for Niall’s reflections on his visit.

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Posted by Colin Corbridge on Fri, 25 Apr 2008