Member's Gathering Looks to the Future...

Posted by Colin Corbridge on Tue, 06 May 2008 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

“The more I learn about mission, the more I realise that it’s not what we do to people that’s important, it’s what God does to us,” said Rev. Prof Rab Mollan at the recent CMS Ireland AGM in Dublin.

During his annual address as President of the Society Rev. Prof Mollan talked about his growing conviction that mission was often about “witness and evangelism in the rough and tumble of life,” and that his prayer was for CMS Ireland members to hold, “God’s kingdom in their sights and His mission in their hearts.”

The AGM, held on Saturday 26th April, in Overseas House, Rathmines was preceded by an EGM that saw unanimous approval for a number of changes to CMS Ireland’s constitution.

Those changes, explained Director of Mission, Ian Smith, would see CMS Ireland better positioned to meet the requirements of upcoming charity legislation in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and meant that the Society was “ahead of the game” in its planning for the future.

The changes also ensured that membership would be central as CMS Ireland looks to build a revitalised network in Ireland.

Ian explained that there had been times when, membership meant little more than receiving a magazine or having a vote but that there was a shared vision for CMS Ireland members to be “equipped, resourced and inspired about God’s mission,” by joining the Society. Being part of CMS Ireland should enhance people’s engagement in mission, it should provide “a sort of added value”, Ian said. He stressed that, “CMS Ireland is not just another good cause to support – it should be something that fires up your understanding of how to bring in the Kingdom of God where you are.”

He went on to talk about how the new CMS Ireland team were completing the task of “contacting every parish in the country” and stressed his absolute commitment to “an all-Ireland organisation.”

During his review of the past year Ian explained that CMS Ireland was trying to forge a dynamic new path that wasn’t about copying the successes of the past or those of any other agency. He talked about CMS Ireland’s “distinctive flavour in mission” and the sense of excitement created by the work of CMS Ireland amongst churches in Ireland and partners around the world.

Rab Mollan was keen to talk about the importance of CMS Ireland’s identity too, saying, “We are not a development agency. We’re about God’s mission changing lives.” He reminded the gathering that, “God’s mission is as much about the transformation of our lives as it is about the transformation of others.”

The Annual General Meeting also provided members with the opportunity to elect the Board of Directors for the upcoming year. Rev. Adrian Dorrain, Heather Talbot, Eddie Officer and James Riddell stepped down, while Beryl Stone, Rev Raymond Fox, Brian Beatty and Trevor Buchanan were all elected.

Talking about the importance of these decisions Rev. Prof. Mollan emphasised that is was “critical that the Board is made up of committed, informed and passionate” members. He went on to say that it was his hope that the year ahead would provide as much blessing as the year past and that he had no doubt that under Ian’s leadership, CMS Ireland would play a role in ensuring that “the Kingdom of God would be advanced.”