Ugandan Hospitality

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Samuel Kiwanuka is the chairman of the lay people in St John’s Church in Kiwoko.

Last week we went to visit him at home. We were welcomed with the sight of flowers attached to the trees around the entrance to his house. His home is simple but very good for local standards.

He had obviously gone to some trouble for our visit and after meeting all the grandchildren of which there were many we sat down in the main room of the house with Samuel. As we chatted we realised why he had so many young children at his house. AIDS has claimed many lives in Uganda and Samuel’s family is no exception. Some of his children have died leaving the grandchildren for Samuel and his wife to look after.

We were presented with hard boiled eggs, bananas and a bun with a soda to wash it all down. It was all very good and we enjoyed Samuel’s conversation

He has lived in Kiwoko since 1978 so he knows this place extremely well but a lot of his stories recounted the horrors of the recent past in Uganda. In the early 80’s the bush war began and Samuel told us of how he and his family hid in the bush to proect themselves from Obote’s army and that the church where we now worship had been taken over by the army. In that building many horrors took place.

After finishing what we had been served Samuel then sent us of with a typical “Ugandan push” walking with us about a kilometre before letting us go with our presents – a scripture verse, a skin of a hare, and a bag of mangos, avocados and bananas.

It was a lovely time with lovely people but also a reminder of the pain that many people in Kiwoko have gone through and continue to live with.

Ken and Judith Finch

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