News from Monday, 02 June 2008


Sometimes here we encounter the very best of humanity together with the very worst…

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Mpkenandjudith Posted by Ken & Judith Finch on Mon, 02 Jun 2008 | Visit Ken and Judith Finch's blog

Disconnected from the pain of the world

I was reading an interview with Rob Bell in Relevant magazine that made me think…

He’s pretty dismissive of blogging and says, “You have to be so totally disconnected from the pain of the world to think that blogging is somehow a redemptive use of your time.”

It raises a whole host of really interesting and important questions: is he right?; why do we have blogs on the CMS Ireland site?; does blogging waste time that could helpfully be used doing other, more constructive, more redemptive things?; how much of what we do in life…in any field…is about redemption, restoration and transformation?

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Spike Posted by Colin Corbridge on Mon, 02 Jun 2008 | Visit Spike Corbridge's blog