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A Ugandan Introduction is a joyous affair.

It is the traditional wedding here in Buganda and although Christian and Muslim weddings have been added-on the Introduction ceremony remains very important.

Recently Ken attended the introduction of the daughter of one of our cooks. It was a really good day and everything went off well and as usual a big feed at the end.

There was the usual sorting out of lifts afterwards with quite a few hospital staff to be taken back. One couple who were also attending the introduction were a husband and wife who lived a relatively short distance away. They asked for a life back to their home. These are truly remarkable people.

The husband is called George and he is blind. He has been blind for about 25 years and is now quite an old man. Many of you will know that 25 years ago in Uganda what is called the bush war was being fought and some terrible atrocities took place. One day the government troops came to George’s home and asked for information about rebels in the area. George told them he couldn’t tell them anything because he hadn’t seen the rebels. After being tortured and still no information forthcoming they literally cut out his eyes. Their logic was that if he hadn’t seen anything he didn’t need his eyes!

George continually thanks God that he is still alive. He is often seen around the hospital being guided by a young boy or girl.

His wife is disabled and walks on her hands and knees. An inspirational sight is to see her in her wheelchair being pushed by George while she issues instructions of which way to go.

People who know them well say they are amongst the happiest people they know. They receive support from people around them but they plant and grow their own crops like their neighbours.

We can’t imagine what they have gone through and how they continue to manage but they are a great testimony and quite incredible people.

Ken and Judith Finch

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