Thick as many long planks (28.07.08)

Wfteamnepal Posted by Team Ramro on Mon, 28 Jul 2008 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

After a busy and mixed weekend of Nepali church, tourist trailing, overeating and facilitating a worship seminar for Nepali youth leaders, Team Ramro got started on their main Week 1 programme today.

The team are spending 5 days at ABBS, the day centre for children with profound learning difficulties, which is managed by HDCS. Whilst half the team are joining the children and staff indoors, the rest of the team are getting their hands dirty outside. They are building a sensory playground for the children and spent the morning sorting and cutting planks of wood for the fence and the pergola, and doing some painting.

Judging by the panting and the copious sweating, the outside team went for broke in the humid conditions. And the insiders seemed to relish the part of the day after lunch when the children have a bit of a sleep. But the tiredness was a good one – it was clear that everyone on the team enjoyed the day at ABBS and are happy to have started the active part of the trip.

Please pray for the health of the team – a few of the guys are already suffering a little with the old V&D.

This evening, the team members are dining with their hosts. Tomorrow, it will be more of the same (although, without the sickness, I hope).

But for now…Namaste!