Autumn Edition of inMission Magazine Available for Download

Posted by Colin Corbridge on Thu, 28 Aug 2008 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

“We, who in material terms have much, can struggle to give God our first, our best, our all. And yet, a life committed to following Christ demands no less”

Writing in the latest edition of inMission magazine Roger Cooke, CMS Ireland’s Regional Mission Partner for Asia, suggests that the upcoming harvest season provides us with an opportunity to reflect on how much of our lives we are prepared to give to God – and to His service.

The Autumn edition of inMission explores the theme of harvest in more depth and features input from CMS Ireland’s partners in Sudan, Kenya, Uganda and Nepal.

In this edition:

- Ian Smith asks if harvest is the result of our hard work or God’s generosity?
- Roger Cooke suggests that we have much to learn from our Global Partners – who are often willing to give their all to God.
- Deirdre Zimmerman reminds us that gathering a harvest requires constant, ongoing labour.
- The Regional Mission Partner team talk about the planting of ‘new seeds’ in Ireland, Ethiopia, Nepal and Rwanda.
- Yvonne Manogue reflects on how CMS Ireland’s ‘Marketplace’ initiative has begun to bear fruit.

inMission is now available for download here (2MB)