J’espère que je connais plus français qu’avant

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Greetings from Paris!

I’m working very hard here and hope that I know more French. I thank God for my teacher, Régine who is tremendous. She was a missionary in Africa from 1984 ‘til last year. She gives us so much homework each day! The last 2 Sundays, I went to her Church – Assemblies of God which has 300-400 people.

Learning French for real

It is a massive privilege to spend 2 months at Les Cèdres. It is a brilliant college and I find being in France, with no other responsibilities, except improving my French, makes it far easier to focus on that. Overall I feel a lot of grace from God for learning French but from time to time it’s tough! I am finding reading and writing reasonably ok but listening and speaking more challenging. I can ask for and say most things I want to but don’t always understand the answer or know how to continue the conversation! I am setting myself lots of mini challenges, including reading / listening to French media. I’m reading my French Bible each day and feel confident praying childlike prayers in French and I shared my testimony (which I read out) with my class.

Six months till I move to Burundi!

From the end of Oct. I have about 5 months in Belfast, working with YWAM and studying at Belfast Bible College (BBC) part-time. I plan to move to Burundi at the end of March and have reserved a flight for 30th. During the first few months there, I will need to continue learning French as well as Kirundi (the local language). I expect to visit YWAM Rwanda around once a month for the first 6 months as we pray and prepare for a YWAM team to start in Burundi. I will return to England in July for a Commissioning Service in Brockley, London (12.7.09), the iNet missionaries’ conference and a service in Sussex. I expect summer 2010 will then be the next time I’m back.

This month

I have 22 days left here and want to make the most of it! On 12th Oct. I’m going to stay with Paul and Irene Mears (missionaries from Brockley Community Church) in Arras. I hope to share in their Church for 10 mins, in French, on my plans to work in Burundi etc. I leave Les Cèdres and Paris on Thurs. 23rd evening by Eurostar. I have my graduation ceremony for my Counselling Masters on the Fri. at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, to which my parents are coming. I will be in London for the weekend (25-26) and then return to Belfast.

Prayer Requests

- That I would learn as much French as possible in the remaining weeks in Paris and be able to continue studying it in Belfast & Burundi.
- For God to guide BBC staff, arranging a special theology / missiology training programme for me.

Thank you again for your prayer, support and friendship. I couldn’t do this without you.


Christine Hunt said Mon, 10 Nov 2008 10:51PM
Hi, You don't know me but I am a friend of Paul and Irene Mears. I see you have visited them recently and I am hoping you could forward an email to them from me. (this one if you like). I always think about them at this time of year, it being Paul's birthday. I went to school with Paul but have lost touch with him. The last I heard of him was when he informed me of the birth of their 3rd child. Hope you are able to help me on this. Thanks in anticipation. Christine Hunt (Sheffield)