Rory relishes a weekend on call

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At 7 this Saturday morning as I was walking to the ward I found myself in surprisingly good humour for a man embarking on a 36 hour shift. With a few new junior doctors joining us in recent weeks, and a seemingly endless incoming tide of administration to do at present I have not been directly responsible for one of the wards during the weekdays. Thus the thought of only having to treat some sick patients was surprisingly palatable. In recent weeks on several occasions I have questioned my qualifications for the role in hand:

- I have been engaged in intense discussions ergarding Ugandan land law with our neighbouring landowner to obtain rights to sink a borehole on his land to obtain water for our nursing students (sadly the water is under his land rather than ours.)

- I have been trying to persuade the senior doctor in the Ministry of Health responsible for posting doctors why Dr Mercy should be posted to Kiwoko rather than his local hospital.

- I have found myself praying for God’s blessing at the opening of new buildings at a local primary school in the morning and in the afternoon assessing the cleanliness of our calf pens in the farm for preventing cross infection.

- I have assessed the structural integrity of a locally built clay and wattle thatch-roofed house as a store for furniture during housing renovations, and then selected the best location for a new pit latrine for the training centre….

I am somewhat unsure at which stage of my medical training I was prepared for such things – though I confess that I did sleep through some lectures, especially in 4th year – so it is possible that I am the one at fault.

And the good news – so far the day hasn’t been too busy – highlighted by the fact that I have time to write. A nurse has just come to my window to inform me that we have a new admission on paediatric ward with Malaria. It sounds like she has commenced the correct treatment, so perhaps I’ll finish this before attending.

In truth I’m not sure that my training to be a General Practitioner fully prepared me either for the medical cases of today – I’ve aspirated 200ml of pus from around a man’s heart (for readers who aren’t medically qualified let me assure you that this is not good) and that was sandwiched between two folk with meningitis – one a newborn baby and the other a large 40 year old lady. When I started working here her well endowed state of natural insulation would a certainly have meant failure for me taking fluid from her back to test for meningitis – but apparently now I’m an expert in such things.

Is this all just random ruminations from a man too far from reality…..perhaps. But let me encourage you to do things you aren’t properly qualified or capable of. While I make a mess of things sometimes (often?) it is remarkable what God seems able to do through us when we offer our few loaves and fishes and he takes care of the rest.

If you’re in Ireland on Thursday 23rd October do call over to St Columbanus’ church halls at 7.30 pm for a Friends of Kiwoko meeting if can face listening to me.

If not, then I hope you enjoyed reading at least.

Cheers for now,


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