The Body of Christ is Called to Act...

Posted by Colin Corbridge on Mon, 20 Oct 2008 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

Speaking during two keynote addresses at the Annual Missions Conference in Albany diocese, USA, Ian Smith, CMS Ireland’s Director of Mission, challenged some of the ‘comfortable notions’ of mission that often exist in today’s church.

He said that churches frequently fail to understand that, “the body of Christ is called to act in full obedience to all the commands of Jesus” and that, “there were two distinct callings for the body of Christ – to show Christ’s death until he returns and to share His love with others.

“Churches naturally accomplish the first in Holy Communion and worship – in some of the ‘inward’ functions of what it means to be church – but the other is often avoided.”

“If we are to faithfully respond to what Christ has called us to then we are also to be an outward looking people, who go everywhere to teach people to obey all of Jesus’ commands. We need to be prepared to do this through both our words and our actions.”

“These commands to be a worshipping, active people are to be fulfilled until Jesus comes again – and there’s nothing comfortable about that.”

Albany Diocese is partnered, through CMS Ireland, with Maridi Diocese in Southern Sudan and has worked to help the local church in Maridi reach out, in word and deed, to the communities in which it ministers. Over the past eight years this has included involvement in schools programmes, healthcare initiatives and training for local leaders.

Diocesan Bishop Bill Love was grateful for Ian’s teaching and said that he had hopes that this relationship with CMS Ireland can be expanded in the future.