Wedding Celebrations in Luwero...

Posted by Colin Corbridge on Thu, 18 Dec 2008 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

One onlooker joked – “This is a bad day to get sick at Kiwoko Hospital!”

Saturday 6th December saw the wedding of Kiwoko’s Medical Superintendent – and CMS Ireland Mission Partner – Dr. Rory Wilson. But while the hospital emptied, staff members and friends gathered together in Luwero Cathedral to celebrate the marriage of Rory to Denise Kane.

Denise, originally from Northern Ireland, had previously worked with Fields of Life in both Ireland and Uganda, and it was through their connection with Kiwoko that she first met Rory.

As is the case with most Ugandan weddings, this was a community event, with more than 450 people packed first into the Cathedral, and then into the Diocesan guesthouse for the reception. They were married in a service reflecting their respective Irish and Ugandan experiences, by Rev. Trevor Stevenson, CEO, Fields of Life.

Niall Manogue, CMS Ireland’s Regional Mission Partner for Mid and East Africa had the privilege of representing both CMS Ireland and Rory’s friends at the ceremony. He commented, “It was fantastic to be able to celebrate Rory and Denise’s wedding with them. As Shadrach, the hospital’s Pharmacist, who delivered the sermon on the day, said – ‘they are a special couple brought together on a special day!’ The service and the celebrations were filled with laughter and joy, and our Ugandan friends were especially pleased that Rory and Denise had chosen to wed in Uganda.”

Director of Mission, Ian Smith added, “We offer our sincere congratulations to Rory and Denise – and we’re particularly delighted to welcome Denise to the CMS Ireland family. We are thrilled that they will continue to serve together as Mission Partners at Kiwoko.”

With the wedding over, life at the hospital is now returning to normal. Please continue to pray for Rory and Denise as they settle into married life, and adjust to their new circumstances at Kiwoko.