News from April 2008

Community Health Evangelism in Yei


The Martha Clinic has recently hosted a 10 day training workshop (pictured) in community health evangelism (CHE), a programme which has been running very successfully in several African countries over recent years.

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New Clinic proving to be a blessing


The new clinic is going really well.

Patient numbers are rising, especially of ante-natal mothers. We are really pleased at this because the rate of maternal deaths in Southern Sudan is thought to be the highest in the world.

We now have a solar vaccine fridge so that we can carry out routine immunisations. It took a year to get here and be installed but we are now delighted that it is ready for use.

The new clinic building is superb and the staff are very hard working and competent – I have never worked with such a committed team.

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The Upside Down Kingdom. The Back-to-front Empire.

I have spent a fait bit of my time writing recently. Whilst researching some stuff I stumbled across this quote from Tom Sine – and loved it.

“When Jesus began teaching he made it clear that his new empire would be unlike any empire the world had ever seen. It came on a donkey’s back. It’s imperial council was comprised of a handful of unemployed fishermen, a couple of IRS agents, a prostitute and some hangers on.

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Long Term Partnership is Vital Claims Archbishop of Burundi


CMS Ireland’s Regional Mission Partner for Mid Africa, Niall Manogue, has recently returned from a visit to Burundi, where he spent time with CMS Ireland’s partners in Gitega and Matana Dioceses.

During his visit he had the opportunity to meet Archbishop Bernard Ntahoturi and they took the chance to discuss why the growing partnership between Ireland and Burundi is proving to be significant.

You can listen to an extract of their time together here or read on for Niall’s reflections on his visit.

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Posted by Colin Corbridge on Fri, 25 Apr 2008

Census Begins in Yei


After a one week delay, the fifth Hosing and Population census got under way at midnight on Monday 21st April. Everyone was recorded where they were sleeping that night. The results will be very significant and will be preparatory for the referendum on the future of Southern Sudan, to be organised in 2011.

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Mongo Primary School Progressing Well


The road to Mongo is notoriously bad! In the dry season it is a very bumpy journey; in the rainy season it is sometimes impassable.

I drove the road earlier today in order to visit the new Primary School building that is being constructed in Mongo, funded by Connor Diocese, through CMS Ireland.

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Bible Distribution in Yei


Like so many things, buying Good News Bibles in Yei is extremely difficult. In fact, there are none anywhere. Our challenge was that we wanted to present each of our 102 new students with a Good News Bible hardback which we use in morning devotions each day.

We did some research and tracked some down in Uganda. A price was negotiated but they would not deliver until paid.

A quick email to friends in our home church secured a cheque payable to the Bible Society UK.

They then emailed Uganda and the Bibles were delivered to Missionary Aviation Fellowship.

MAF flew them up to us free of charge on 15th April and we handed them out in a special ceremony on 17th April when our vicar Rev David Williams was visiting.

It was a great occasion, for which we give thanks to all those who helped in one way or another.

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Thy kingdom come....

For a moment I caught a glimpse of the power of uncountable numbers of people from every nation before God’s throne worshiping from their hearts. Christianity is not a middle class white Western world social construct. This God we are worshiping is God over all the earth He has made. The reality of that can seem distant in our busy media full lives, but man, I have been struck forcefully (yet) again of who are God is, and indeed how blessed I am to know him and work with His people here.

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Surprise Results in Nepal Elections


Despite the widespread security concerns in the run up to the recent elections in Nepal, the day itself passed reasonably peacefully and saw a huge turnout across the country.

Whilst the relative success of the process came as a surprise to most observers, an even greater shock has been caused by the results of the polls, which have seen the Maoist Party securing 120 seats so far.

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Posted by Colin Corbridge on Mon, 21 Apr 2008

New Archbishop of Sudan Enthroned.


We were very privileged to attend the enthronement ceremony of the new Archbishop of the Sudan in Juba Cathedral on Sunday 20th April. It was a very colourful ceremony and the cathedral was packed with people from all over the Sudan, as well as many overseas visitors.

We were representing CMS Ireland at the ceremony, which marked the enthronement of the Most Reverend Daniel Deng Bul as Primate of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan and Bishop of Juba. The sermon was preached by the Archbishop of Ruanda and greetings were given by Bishops and Archbishops from around the world. The Communion service lasted about 4 hours and was a very wonderful occasion.

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