On the road to more equipment

Img_4014 Posted by David Gough on Fri, 19 Sep 2008 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to del.icio.us Post this to Facebook

It’s been an exciting last few days as I clear my deask and pack and prepare for my journey. This morning I’ve been speaking to Aart, our Mission Partner in Arua, Uganda, on the phone and he is currently in Kampala purchasing a vehicle for the use of their family. It seems he received advice on the best vehicle to choose locally and is now negotiating on a an early nineties Toyota Prada 4×4 – a good safe vehicle for the Ugandan roads. This is great news and will give the family a lot more independence around Arua and they’ll be less dependent on Diocesan transport. Aart emailed me to ask me to buy Reuben a pair of Crocs and a torch, when I visit in early October. Please continue to pray for the Den Breejen family, for the children, their health, safety, for the VTC and for their personal support.

Also this week our friends at Africare have been in contact with me this week offering CMS Ireland a consignment of woodworking tools from 2 Government Workshops which are closing down. Brian Dorman and I have been discussing the details as well as being in contact with Aart (Arua, Uganda) and John Spens (Yei, Sudan) negotiating the specific needs of the 2 Vocational Training Colleges. The latest plan is that a container with medical equipment and the woodworking equipment is expected to depart from Ireland to Kiwoko on 3rd October. Aart and John will then arrange transport from there to Arua and Yei. Please also pray that this all these plans work out and that they can arrange economical transport. A special word of thanks to Brian and Africare for organising this and making it happen.

It’s all happeming and I depart on Monday for a Global Partner and Mission Partner visit.