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Sarah_hutchinson Posted by Sarah Caughey on Mon, 26 Jan 2009 | 4 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

A dear friend gave me a prayer journal before I left and I have tried my best to keep it up to date but power cuts and other things do sometimes mean it is not bang up to date…but so much happens in a day that i would be constantly writing!

The past two weeks of orientation have been a real blessing. I feel more settled, getting to grips with the geography, a little of the language and general Nepali life. God has really provided so much support for me: from Roger being here to talk about different things, to sharing in the META teams experiences, laughter and fellowship (and the trip to Pokhara), to families from international church taking me under their wing with dinners. The META team have now made it home safely and Roger leaves for India tomorrow – i will miss them all greatly but as I shared with the team I do not envy them going home, because God has given me a real sense that as their experience here ends, mine is only beginning!

Before I left, I thought that having the team here would be helpful – but i did not expect the abundant blessings I have received from them and through them. The affectionately named “Team Buff” (due to their outstanding garden tool wielding skills!) have been an amazing source of fellowship, strength, laughter and joy- true brothers and sisters in the Lord. And i thank God for each of them and will keep them in my prayers. 1 Colossians 1 v 9-14 says it all.

Last Tuesday, we all travelled from a very early hour to Pokhara – about 7 hours on the bus. The drive is simply stunning! We were delayed about 3 hours due to a bandhe in one of the villages – a bandhe is when the roads are blocked in protest. In this case, there had been a dispute between the police and a driver. It was quite an experience – enjoyable but after 3 hours we were glad to be on our way! Pokhara was such a refreshing change from teh hustle of Kathmandu..and the sight of the mountains on the flight home was breathtaking (as was the pilots landing in Kathmandu!)

So all in all I was ready to start work at HDCS today – I am refreshed and revived and encouraged in God’s plan for me here. International church on Sunday had an amazing sermon on peter walking on the water. A great reminder that when all seems chaotic and overwhelming, we just have to keep our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus, so our focus is Him and not our problems. We only need trust in him.

In so much, i have heard, seen and felt God’s love in many different ways. I pray that I remain close to Him and reflec this love. Since my arrival, I have been thinking about how God’s love enfolds us and surrounds us. That our powerful God who can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine, lovingly holds us in his arms and watches over us.

Also, God has really opened my eyes and my heart to truly appreciate how the Church is a Body, how we are all working towards the same goal, part of the same mission. It is so vital that we ensure and nurture connections with churches at home and across the world, and that we keep each other in prayer. On their last day, the team were commissioned by the Kathmandu Church Fellowhship as they returned home. I think that this is beautiful! Their part in God’s mission does not begin and end with their time in Nepal – their part continues every day, wherever they are – and I believe God has moved in them while they have been here and will have much to share and encourage and challenge their friends and churches across Ireland.

Thank you to all who are praying for me – God is with me in many many ways big and small! Some recent prayer points would be:

1. Blessing and rest for the META Team and that they would reflect God’s love they have witnessed in Nepal at home.

2. Continued settling in to life without the team and Roger, and getting into my role here at HDCS.

3. For language and health – had my first dodgy tummy incident so I am taking food related things easy!

4. That in all things I will keep my eyes firmly on the Lord and fully rely on him everyday.

5. Give thanks for new friends and those families who are showing God’s love by welcoming me into their homes.

6. Pray for the work of CMSI global partners, and Christians in Nepal – give thanks for their passion for mission, for their reflection of God’s glory and love, and pray for encouragement and protection.

I apologise for the lack of pictures, but I promise some pictures soon!

Blessings and Love



Spike said Mon, 26 Jan 2009 06:38PM
Great to hear about your first few weeks - and delighted that stuff with HDCS has now started. You'll be in our prayers as you continue to settle in...keep up the good work with the blogging!
Clive said Sat, 31 Jan 2009 01:13PM
Wow you talk a lot, but we like you all the same, Great to hear you're doing so well without us to take care of you!!
Nevin said Sat, 31 Jan 2009 02:34PM
Hi Sarah, we've been home a week now, still trying to get my head around things! The love of the Christians in Nepal has touched the team in a deep and permanent way. We hope to bring and spread a sense of this love to our homes and churches, allowing us to build on the love we already share. We pray that God will continue to bless you in the time you have left there, as we know that you'll be a blessing to all the people you come into contact with. We stand amazed at your courage in the step you have taken and pray for you continually. God bless Sarah, yours in Christ, Nevin
bill said Tue, 10 Feb 2009 01:54PM
hey sarah, we are having real nepal withdrawl symptoms here in St B's, we continue to pray for you and the work you are undertaking. any more late night jouneys by motorbike? blessings, and grace, bill