February - where did it go??

Sarah_hutchinson Posted by Sarah Caughey on Thu, 26 Feb 2009 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to del.icio.us Post this to Facebook

In the Nepali calendar this year a month is being dropped…maybe that explains how quickly my time here is flying in – where did February go?! With time going so fast, I have felt a real call this month to open up my heart and take down any barriers to God doing work in me and through me. This something I have struggled with for the past few years – this idea of letting go, and letting God rule. A line in a worship song while at a bible study group really struck me – “leave me abandoned to your praise”. I thought of the Magnificat when Mary’s praise for the Lord just comes pouring out, I thought of David dancing before the Lord and declaring that he will be become “even more undignified than this”, and I thought so often I feel that I am holding back – because I am not sure of what to do, because I am worried about the opinions of others, about what they expect from me, because I don’t feel good enough. Love the lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and all your strength. God has challenged me to open up my heart to him, to let go of whatever may be holding me back from loving him completely and knowing him more fully. Please pray for this.

On the work front, all is going well – i have a “to do” list stuck up on the wall in front of my desk and I am tackling each thing one by one – which of course means a new sub list of things to do is created! It is great to be part of the various programmes and to come along side them. I have also spent some time in ABBS this month for two different dance therapy classes. These were brilliant fun and it was an absolutely joyful experience to see all the kids joining in, making shapes, interacting with each other and the staff….and to see the staff joining in! This time was great, as after writing leaflets etc about ABBS, knowing the good work that goes on, I got to feel it in my heart the impact that ABBS has on the lives of the children.

This Monday was Shiva Raatri – the Hindu god Shiva’s birthday. The holy men (saadhus) and pilgrims gather at Shiva’s temple to celebrate all day. Also, nepali children try to take over the streets by holding string across sections of a road and demanding coins so you can pass. This made the walk to work a bit slower but it was good fun. This also means that the holi festival is in two weeks time – this is when you get water bombed and covered in red dye powder…so that should be interesting! Perhaps a day to work from home…

On Tuesday, I brought pancake day into the HDCS offices – it seemed to go down well and I had a great time making the pancakes by candlelight the night before. But it has started a bit of a baking trend with me – I have just made a sponge cake for a friend’s birthday, and it seems to have turned out pretty well!

Language classes have started again and I am loving them – however I have to retrain my mouth to make some of the sounds! So there has been a lot of nepali muttering, conjugating of verbs and sound practising in the past two weeks…but it will all come together eventually hopefully!

Other highlights in the month so far have been: bollywood dancing lesson, an afternoon of pampering, some sight seeing, making plans for trekking at Easter, a nepali wedding procession, a tour of Kathmandu for fabric hunting and some motorbike rides home from work.

Thanks for reading down this far of the blog..so much for bloggers block! And thank you for your prayers – and keep them coming!

Grace and Peace