Bitter Sweet

Wilsons_2013 Posted by Rory Wilson on Sat, 21 Mar 2009 | 3 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

Bitter Sweet

Many people dream of being able to escape from their day to day life, to enjoy ‘time out’ and leave it all behind, for most people it will never happen, therefore the fantasy seems that more appealing. To us leaving Uganda for 5 months seemed a little daunting.

We arrived back in Ireland at the end of February for our ‘time out’. While we recognise the need for rest and refreshment, it is difficult to walk away from fulfilling jobs, friendships and of course a warmer climate!!

The transition period is always a little strange, like your eyes getting accustomed to the light after being in a dark room. In comparison to Uganda, despite the recessional climate, there appears to be no want for luxuries, never mind basic necessities. I found myself looking at places and things with an expression of childlike wonder and in some cases amusement, like seeing a Jack Russell with a coat on him! In Uganda dogs are not considered a domestic pet and are usually not given any positive attention.

The great part of being back in Ireland is catching up with friends and family, knowing that we don’t have to squeeze everyone into a two week visit. One such occasion was on the 7th March, when we were able to celebrate our recent marriage with our family and friends in St Columbanus’ Halls. For those of you who know Rory you can imagine that it wasn’t like any other wedding celebration you would have been to. For example we had a tug of war for openers – sadly the ladies lost, but we did put up a decent fight! One of the highlights of the evening was the attendance of Rory’s, 96 year old Granny Flo, who doesn’t go out much anymore. Granny is amazing – full of fun and wisdom.

Our diary for the next few months is filling up with visits to churches and support groups for Kiwoko. It is a real privilege to travel around and represent the good people that we have left behind there. We hope to attend some training course to continue our professional development and then spend some time at a retreat just before heading back at the end of July.

Roll on the next few months meeting and greeting people, making new friends, enjoying rest, family and fun. Oh yes -keep the fresh cream and lemon meringue coming!!


Goodie said Thu, 30 Apr 2009 03:26AM
Hi Denise and Rory, what a pleasure meeting you both at Dugall's and KT's wedding. As someone who has worn odd soxs for the best part of 15 years I did appreciate your blue checked ones Rory. Perhaps you mail me your postal addy if you would like a copy of the event on DVD. Kind regards, Goodie
Jonathan said Tue, 09 Jun 2009 03:29PM
Hi Denise and Rory. It was really was fantastic to bump into you so randomly whilst you were out for a stroll in Ballyholme the other day. My mother in law is still talking about you wearing shorts on such a 'cold' day :-) I think that she was even more confused when I told her that you were just back from a much warmer climate! Anyway it was good to catch up, albeit briefly. I am home again in early July and if you are free then it would be good to grab a coffee. How do I contact you? Jonathan
Tom Greig said Mon, 11 Jan 2010 10:07PM
NOT FOR COMMENT, JUST MAKING CONTACT Hi Guys I am just back from Ugand doing some mission work and heard about the Hospital. I intended coming up to visit and meeting with some other muzoogo "sorry about the spelling" but a rather condensed programme from Kabale and Bushenyi in the west to Jinja in the east got more conjested as the time went on. I am hoping to return to do a conference in Kampala later in the year and would love to see first hand what happens at the hospital. I believe Dr Clark from Bangor played a major part in founding the work.

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