News from April 2009

In the Nick of Time!


Today 30th April 2009 we witnessed the unfailing provision of a faithful God. During April, the Nile Commercial Bank where both the College and Martha Clinic have funds ran out of cash. The Martha clinic had all its cash reserves in the bank.

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Deep Impact: CMS Ireland Roadshows to focus on Transformation


During the month of May, CMS Ireland will be ‘on the road’ across the length and breadth of Ireland, as we present a series of Roadshows, focusing on the theme, Deep Impact: Transforming Mission in Ireland.

From Banbridge to Galway, from Cork to Derry, the tour is visiting 13 locations over four weeks and each event is open to all. Using tales of mission from across the world, the programme considers how we can each contribute to God’s bigger story.

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Posted by Colin Corbridge on Wed, 29 Apr 2009

Same, same...but different


I have often come across this phrase when shopping here…you like one thing…but ask for a different colour (or one not covered in dust) – the shopkeeper proudly displays the subject of his soon to be sale…but it is different to the one you first looked at. When this is pointed out, the frequent reply is “No madam. Same same, but different”. And this phrase sums up my thoughts at the moment!

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Moving Pictures...Fresh Encounters with the Risen Christ


“Each year during Lent, we prepare for Easter. We seek a fresh experience of the Passion, as we partake once more of Jesus’ death and celebrate anew his resurrection life.”

“But the gospel accounts don’t finish with the empty tomb. There is still more to come. Even though the events at Calvary and the tomb unquestionably represent the climax of Jesus’ time on earth, our experience of the Easter story is incomplete unless we pay heed to the events that follow.”

Roger Cooke shares a timely reflection on the events that follow Easter weekend – encouraging us to see precious truths about Jesus in his encounters with friends and followers.

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Posted by Colin Corbridge on Thu, 09 Apr 2009

Seeing the Bigger Picture - CMS Ireland Launches Annual Review


“Stories from Africa, Asia and Europe, examples of leadership training, evangelism and community development – they are all part of the bigger picture of CMS Ireland’s work…all part of the bigger picture of mission”, explained Colin Corbridge – acting Director of Mission – at the Society’s recent Annual General Meeting, in Kill O’ the Grange Parish, Dublin.

A focus on ‘seeing the bigger picture’ lay at the heart of this year’s AGM and the event provided a perfect opportunity to launch CMS Ireland’s Annual Review.

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Posted by Colin Corbridge on Thu, 09 Apr 2009

Church for the Night...

The Easter edition of is online and features a great idea from some Christians in Bournemouth. How many of our towns and cities could do with something like this…or even the willingness to make our church buildings more open to the communities around them?

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Reunions, Visa, Church, FNL join Burundi army ...


Wonderfully, I have just received my 2 year Visa D’Etablissment without having to pay any ‘extra’ fees.

The final rebel group, the FNL, has now joined the army and the country is looking towards the next elections in 2010.

This month, as well as language study, I am helping host the YWAM Belfast team here and my friend Sheron from Brockley Church and Kenya is visiting for Easter!

I hope this finds you well. Thank you again for being in touch, for your prayers and financial support. Have a very happy Easter!

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