News from May 2009

Picture this ........ without pictures!

Drought and famine are words that we use from time to time, but what do they really mean for those who have to actually face these situations? 2009 will be the year of the famine for the Anglican Church in Kajiado – this is their reality.

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Former CMS Mission Partner Honoured at Downpatrick Celebration.


Former CMS Mission Partner, Sheilagh Jebb, was recently honoured at a special event in Downpatrick.

‘Spirit of Patrick: Continuing the Legacy’ celebrated the lives of five key people in the Church of Ireland Diocese of Down & Dromore and was part of Down Cathedral’s 400th Anniversary celebrations. Sheilagh and the others were chosen because, in the Spirit of St Patrick, they have served in mission over an entire lifetime.

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Posted by Colin Corbridge on Mon, 01 Jun 2009

Birthdays, Banks, BSF and Busyness!


May has rushed by and we are nearly at the half way point of our 15 week stay in Yei. Poppy celebrated her birthday here in April and John celebrated his on Saturday. It’s not easy to find suitable presents and Sudanese people do not generally celebrate birthdays. So Poppy gave John an African shirt and two apples!

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He' got the whole world in his hands....


As I enter my last two weeks living in Kathmandu, in an international community, I have begun to say goodbyes and to face the task of packing. It is a strange time of emotions but I was reminded at Bible study on Tuesday night that God is Holy and that he has got the whole world in his hands…so no matter whether I am in Nepal, India or Northern Ireland..He is there with me!

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Visitors, YWAM team, Kirundi, Genesite and Flame workshops in Buye


Greetings! I hope this finds you well. This last month has been very full. I hosted the YWAM Belfast DTS outreach team for 2½ weeks – see below. I was also really blessed over Easter to have my dear friend Sheron who lives in Nairobi visit. It was great to catch up and relax together as well as share our visions and compare life in E Africa.

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While doing a little research online this morning I stumbled across the blog of Paul Ritchie – a Methodist Pastor in Richill, Co. Armagh – thanks to Jools for the pointer.

Two of Paul’s posts in recent days really struck a chord with me – both essentially about our real commitment to the things we say we believe in. Do we really act on the words of Jesus? What are we prepared to give when it comes to global mission?

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What's Next? 'Going Global' Weekends Look To The Future...


If you’ve been asking yourself what God might want you to do, in terms of your mission involvement at home, or somewhere else, then Going Global might just be for you!

Going Global is an event organised by CMS Ireland to help you consider how to take your engagement in God’s mission to a deeper level. This ‘half-weekend’ is an opportunity for you to explore what, on earth, God might be calling you to.

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Posted by Colin Corbridge on Fri, 08 May 2009

With the Church, through the Church to the Community!


Thanks to the support of the Department for International Development’s Basic Services Fund (BSF) for Sudan, CMS Ireland is working with the Dioceses of Yei and Lainya to implement the HEART project. HEART stands for Health, Education and Rural Transformation.

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What a difference a day makes...

While spending a very pleasant overnight stay on the outskirts of the valley with my housemate, we got word of some issues around the firing of the army general here in Nepal on Sunday…and left early to get through bandhs and rumoured curfew. Today, the PM has resigned.

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In the Nick of Time!


Today 30th April 2009 we witnessed the unfailing provision of a faithful God. During April, the Nile Commercial Bank where both the College and Martha Clinic have funds ran out of cash. The Martha clinic had all its cash reserves in the bank.

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