With the Church, through the Church to the Community!

Spens Posted by John and Poppy Spens on Thu, 07 May 2009 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to del.icio.us Post this to Facebook

Thanks to the support of the Department for International Development’s Basic Services Fund (BSF) for Sudan, CMS Ireland is working with the Dioceses of Yei and Lainya to implement the HEART project. HEART stands for Health, Education and Rural Transformation.

The photographs show the construction of a new Primary Health Care Centre for the Diocese of Lainya, funded by Irish Aid and BSF, and a rural clinic in Goja where the Diocese of Yei’s new mobile clinic will assist their work. They also show one of the rural archdeaconries where CMS Ireland will build a new Primary School to replace old dilapidated school buildings. And it shows places where water supply urgently needs be improved through drilling a new borehole. All these projects are funded by the BSF.

In each location, CMS Ireland is working with the church and through the church, to help the whole community. Meetings have been held with County Authorities, Village Chiefs and Payam Administrators as well as with local Pastors to ensure that everyone is consulted. The HEART project will impact tens of thousands of people in two of CMS Ireland’s Global Partner Dioceses.

The reception and welcome by each community has been wonderful. These services are so badly needed.

John and Poppy