Ready to Jump?

Posted by Colin Corbridge on Wed, 03 Jun 2009 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

Roger Cooke, CMS Ireland’s Regional Mission Partner for South Asia, asks if we’re ‘ready to jump’, as he encourages us to consider our response to God’s call.

"For Moses it was a burning bush. For Samuel, a voice in the night. Isaiah saw God seated on the throne, in all his glory. And then there was Mary, by the tomb, with the Gardener.

When we consider the ways in which God gets people’s attention and calls them into action, we can learn much from those we meet in the bible. We discover that each story is unique, each response slightly different.

Moses recongised God’s voice and was clear what he was being asked to do. He just didn’t want to do it – he felt ill-equipped for the task. God allowed Moses time to articulate his objections and excuses, but his call was emphatic. Samuel was still a boy when God called his name. He wasn’t sure what he was hearing and at first, he didn’t realise that it was God. But he sought advice and got himself ready to respond.

Once he had experienced the holiness of God, Isaiah couldn’t help himself from responding to the question, “Whom shall I send?” And Mary, in the midst of deep grief, had her eyes opened when the risen Jesus spoke her name, then sent her to tell others.

When God enlists individuals for specific tasks, there is no ‘standard approach’. The Father knows his children individually and intimately and he decides how best to call each one into action. But, whatever the method, we can be in no doubt: God chooses and uses ordinary people to serve him in ways that often surprise them. This was true for those we encounter in the pages of the bible and it remains true today.

In CMS Ireland, we often hear stories of individuals who have felt called by God into mission service. For some, this call has been clear and unambiguous – a definite role, a particular place. Others describe a more gradual process, as they test and discern God’s leading.

All God’s children are called into mission, each one of us are expected to play our part in making God’s Kingdom known. But sometimes, God has specific things he wants us to do. Occasionally, he grabs our attention and asks us to take the plunge.

Despite our fears, are we prepared to go? Are we ready to say, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening”, or “Here am I, send me?” Or, like Mary…will we be ready to respond with urgency…will we be ready to jump?"

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This article was originally printed in the Summer 2009 edition of inMission magazine