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Woke up within the Matana accommodation to a major commotion. Emma had valiantly fought off an invasion of bees all night within her room and all the women had offered their support at some stage, be it moral or physical. Although worthy of our sympathy, we have taken every opportunity to remind her since. Poor girl. No CMS members were harmed during the incident although many bees were. We then after breakfast traveled to Bururi and participated in the construction of some bricks followed by some games and fellowship with the kids.On a brighter note we also learned that the lost luggage had turned up. The guys were very relieved. In the afternoon we were given a guided tour around Matana Theological College and Diocesan offices. Dinner in evening with Canon’s elect.
SUN 19
Church today at Matana Cathedral. Various people made canons. Wonderful service full of energy and lasted 4 hrs. But enjoyable every second of it. Meal afterwards with new Canons and Archbishop etc at Diocesan Offices
MON 20
We met with the Archbishop & the Diocesan staff today, it was interesting to hear from them all about the challenges that they face, & how we can help, most especially with our prayers.  In the afternoon we went to see a pineapple plantation that has been planted with the help of the HIV/AIDS foundation.  In the evening John, Ann, Sylvia & Victor went to Vincent’s house for supper while the rest stayed & had supper with Seth & his children. 
TUE 21
We went to a tea plantation today & saw first-hand how the tea was taken from plant through the whole process to the tea you put in your teapot. A valuable process providing much needed employment for many people.  In the afternoon, in the interest of international relations, Alastair, Cathy, Kathryn & Victor were involved in an international select football match, where they picked some local Burundian kids and proceeded to thrash the Burundi national team 6-3. With Kathryn (bite your legs) Orr kicking the kids all over the place & Alastair (I don’t care who I hurt) Donaldson acting as peace maker, luckily there was no riotious behaviour.  A good end to the day.

Got up for breakfast as usual and as today was scheduled for some downtime we proceeded to do some much needed sunbathing. Seth then took us on a journey to the Burundian Source of the Nile. It was very interesting. We then made our way back to the accommodation for lunch whereupon our leader and chief in command ‘Mummy Bobbie’ was surprised with a small birthday celebration. She was very overwhelmed and it was lovely to spend this time with her. However, despite claiming she was 36 we think she doesn’t look a day over 30. Seth then surprised us all with a feast of Burundian Drumming, which was spectacular, before we proceeded to have lunch with all the Matana team once again at the Diocesan guesthouse. Some gifts were exchanged and both tearful and joyful moments shared
We spent most of the day traveling after saying our goodbyes to the Matana team, well not goodbye but Au Revoir.  On to Gitega – ’TeGende’ as they say in kirundi.

We were give a very warm welcome reception in Gitega, by Bishop John and his team, and were given time to settle into our new digs.
We went to Buhiga today & stopped off to look at a new church-plant along the way. Whilst at Buhiga, we saw the Church and school there, we also went to see where Joan Nicholson lived while she was here. It was a very special and emotional moment for many within the team. Buhiga really struck us as an area that had suffered badly during the war and needed a lot of remedial work to restore it. However with so many displaced people and emotionally scarred people, this won’t happen overnight but will need all our prayers. The journey up was an experience as the roads were only tarmaced part of the way. 
SAT 25
Went to Mushasha village and the team once again put on the work clothes and assisted the villagers with all sorts of activities from screeing floors to filling wheelbarrows with sand. This was to help with the Youth Centre, which was being constructed. We then played some games with the local children (Carolyn you may not be here in person but your parachute is bringing endless joy lol). We then had a small service in the Church and prayed with the partners and also with a young girl who was going for an operation to help her to speak. We then went back to the hotel for some tea and craic and some of us enjoyed a cold shower. As a real answer to prayer also, it also rained several times tonight which brought a lot of joy to some people no doubt.

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carol stephens said Fri, 31 Jul 2009 03:43PM
Why was it only the women who came to poor Emmas assistance? Where were the men? Or were they too far away to hear the commotion? Questions must be answered! Lol. Glad all has been going well and that the luggage turned up. Lots of stories to be told. Enjoy whats left of your time. Remembering you all in prayer. Have a safe journey home.
lynn reid said Sat, 01 Aug 2009 01:37PM
let ann know all is well at home glad you are all enjoying your trip have a safe journey home
Charmaine said Sat, 01 Aug 2009 08:45PM
Hi all Glad everything has gone well except for the bees !!! Looking forward to seeing you all !!! My prayers are with you all the way. Safe journey home !!! God bless xx