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It was so busy over the last few weeks that i didnt get a chance to keep you up to date with prayers etc… so instead here is a wee write up about 90% of the team, written by each memeber… the people who we didnt get, will update you!!

Andrew Beech:
I’m Andrew Beech, I am 16, ( one of the youngest members of the team). I enjoy playing most sports in particular cricket. I am nervously awaiting my GCSE results which I will be receiving out in Uganda. I am a Christian and I am involved in a number of different youth organizations around Bangor.

Emma Hamilton:
Hey, I’m Emma. I am 17 and I go to the local all girls grammar school in Bangor. I am about to start my last year in school. I have a dad and mum then a twin brother and sister who are 2 years younger than me. I am very excited about this team experience.

Stewart Millar:
The names Stewart, I’m 18 years old and I have just completed school. I enjoy several recreational sporting activities including football, snooker and horse riding. I love making new friends and having fun and am very excited about going to Uganda.

Nini Arlow:
Hi, I’m Nini, 18 and just finished school. I’m hoping to study medicine next year at Liverpool University. I enjoy the odd game of girls rugby.

Laura Foster:
I’m Laura! I’m 17, and am still at school… hopefully! I’m Really excited about going out to Uganda very soon!

Andrew Payne:
My name is Andrew Payne, I am 18 and live in Balllyholme in Bangor. People usually call me AP which is my initials. I enjoy crosswords and enjoy the occasional jolly game of Subbuteo. I used to play hockey but after 6 years of playing it, I decided to not commit to the torture of the training regines. I enjoy skateboarding and computer programming. I have just left school and hope to go to university in England next year. I also enjoy drama. Im really excited to go to Uganda.

Adam Bell:
My name is Adam Bell I am 17 years of age. I go to Bangor Academy doing my A2 levels next year. I have one brother called Timothy, and I live with my mum and dad.

I go to Bangor Academy and have just finished my GCSE’s. I am hopefully going back to school to do my A levels. I like sports and hope to go on to something to do with sports. I live with my mum, dad and brother. I also have a rabbit called Lopsy.

I go to Bangor Academy and I am hopefully going to sit my A levels next year, I’m hoping to sit four of them. I would like to do pathology. I live with my mum and brother and sister, I have 3 cats and two baby hamsters.

Matthew Girvin:
Hey, I’m Matthew. I live at home with my mum and my dad and my brother. I’m 16 and go to secondary school. I love music, drama and cooking. I can’t wait to go to Uganda to experience the culture and entertain the kids.

Hi, I’m Jessica, I am 17 and I have one brother and I am very excited to go to Uganda.

Kathryn Boyd:
Hi, I’m Kathryn, I’m 17. I live at home with my mum and dad I have one sister called Victoria who is 23. I am going into my final year of school and am really looking forward to Uganda.

Laura Trotman:
I’m Laura, I’m 16 and am currently awaiting my GCSE results to decide what I’m doing next year. I’ve got an older brother and two dogs, and I really enjoy meeting new people!

Sherry Hazlett:
Hello, I’m Sherry, I’m 19 years old and come September I will be going into my second year at Trinity College Dublin. There, I am studying music. I enjoy singing, playing the piano and violin. I can’t wait to meet everyone there!

Suzi Beech:
I’m Suzy and I’m 22. I’ve just graduated from Queen’s with a degree in geography- however I’m going back next year to begin research towards a PHD! I have one brother (also on the team) and a step brother and sister. I’ve been a Christain since I was 14 and cannot wait to see what our 2 and a half weeks has to offer us!

David Vance:
My name is Davey Vance aka “Patches”, I’m 18, I come from a land far away known to man as Seahill. I am currently still at school… Bangor Academy. I enjoy activities such as tennis, chess and draughts. I live life to the full and try to live life with no regrets. My life moto is… " Don’t worry… about at thing…cause every little ting is going to be alright!"

Katie Smyth:
Hello, my name is Katie Smyth. I’m 19 and have just finished a gap year working in a church 20 minutes away from my home town. Next year I am going to the local University to study physics. I’m very excited about coming to Uganda and experiencing the different culture and meeting new people! I have been a Christian since I was 14 and am really looking forward to seeing how different Uganda is!

More to follow… you can see some of our guys have a ‘interesting’ sense of humor!!



Wendy Somers said Mon, 10 Aug 2009 09:13PM
Hi guys, Glad to hear that everyone has arrived safe, hopefully no-one has delhi-belly, missing you lots Jessica & my shopping buddy. Keep safe and te lots of pics, cant wait to hear about it all. wish i was there, or maybe you dont. You know i could go on for ages but I wont. Lots of love MUM & Dad & Robbie who you definitely dont wish was there. X
Auntie Liza said Tue, 11 Aug 2009 12:58PM
Hello ladies (tori & jade) hope you arrived safely and are both ok. missing you already, wish i was there. we will make up for it when you get back. Let me know if you can that everything is ok. check in with you again soon.xoxoxoxoxxo Auntie Liza
Wendy Somers said Fri, 14 Aug 2009 08:22AM
Hi jess & everyone. Keeping up to date with the blog sounds like your having lots of fun. Glad to hear all my crafting tips havent fallen on deaf ears Jess! Keep it up. Weather in SPain hass dried up and now very HOT!!! Praying that you are all safe. lots of love Mum (wendy)xxx