Back at Kiwoko

Wilsons_2013 Posted by Rory Wilson on Sun, 16 Aug 2009 | 0 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

We’ve been back in Kiwoko over two weeks now.

It has been good to get back and renew friendships with some great folk.Uganda remains a beautiful country of warm hearted people.

The months we have been away have been hard for many though. The January rains were not good, and we returned to a dry, brown, dusty Kiwoko. Many of our friends in the community have lost weight since we left. A very meagre harvest means that food supplies for those dependent on their crops have been poor. It has been a humbling reminder how precarious people’s lives are. Although we heard much talk about the challenges posed by the credit crunch while in Ireland, few families there face the prospect of all losing a stone in weight in the next 6 months because of inadequate nutrition.

Yet people are still upbeat. We have had several poor families greet our return by killing livestock for a feast – when they have little enough for themselves. Rather than grumbling, folk continue to joke and enjoy what they have while praying for good rains to come soon. Certainly we have had a little rain since our return – but even if it is sustained, and folk are able to plant in the next few weeks it will be several months before harvest time and our ward for malnourished children is already busier than any other time in the last three years.

The EKISA (grace) team from Ballyholme have been doing a great work with children in local schools and with children of hospital staff. Next week they spend a few days doing a programme with some of our HIV positive children. It was good yesterday to see our dining room full of children belonging to different staff members having fun and learning about Zacchaeus and how God cares for them.

Hope you’re well.
Thanks for reading.

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