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So yesterday (tuesday) we began preparation for the Afaayo HIV programme with a new set of Ugandan leaders. There isn’t as many of them compared to last weeks group. It wasn’t easy getting back to work again after a great few days off but we took to the task at hand and got straight to it! So today (wednesday) we were ready to get to work and headed of to the HIV centre to begin our first days work. We played games with the kids first which was a lot of fun then we had some morning tea with pumpkin cake, boiled eggs and fried potatoes. Not bad at all really. After this we had main deck which was full of singing, dancing, drama and laughs. Todays theme was Eternal love so our drama team prepared a version of “The Lost Sheep” which went down well. After Main Deck we split up into age groups to do Bible studies, crafts and games. It was quite tough seeing the kids as they have such a horrible virus put upon them through no fault of their own which is a huge eye opener for all of us. Luckily we have another 2 days working with them so it will be great showing them Love and Joy through our activities.

We are now back at camp chilling before work tomorrow. But now for a special treat for you back home. Each team member will talk briefly on how they have enjoyed their first week! Keep leaving comments and love as we all really enjoy hearing from you!

Hello one and all! Matty Girvan here. Wow, it’s hard to believe we’re home next Tuesday! It’s been awesome so far! Working with the school kids and the Afaayo HIV kids has been immense. They are all legends! Everyone is having so much fun and this experience is seriously once in a lifetime as well as being epic! The days off were unreal, especially our venture in Kampala! Love to all my friends and family for their support! Waylaba!

Jess here! having such an AMAZING time. Loving the culture, it’s such a change but i feel like i am adapting really well. Loved working at schools and Kamapala was such a good time. Enjoying working with HIV kids. Love to family and friends xx

Jade here! Having an amazing time here with the team and its a funny experience trying to adapt to the food. Can’t wait to get back and show everyone the pics. Love yous all. Hope Hfaz isn’t having fun without me xoxo

Hey its Laura F. I’m having such a great time here and its an amazing experience! The school visits were unbelievable ..prob my fav part! Can’t wait till safari :) missing you al so much hope sera noni and hannah make more comments haha XX

Hey it’s Natalie, I’m having a great time, the children are amazing and the weather is BEAUT… gutted we have to wear so much clothes its physically impossible to get a tan haha. Miss you all, see you soon, P.S serious cravings for a mcdonalds double cheese burger! x x

Hey its Kathryn here. Ive had an amazing time so far despite my reflux playing up. Can’t wait for western culture and my own bed! The kids are cute as well. Hope everyone is well at home, miss you all xxxx

Hey Adam here. Hard to believe a week has gone already, but having an amazing time out here. Loving all the kids out here and the different culture. I am looking forward to home for my bed and food, but also to share my experience. Speak soon Love Adam xxxx

Hey Nini reporting! Time is ticking away too fast. i do miss home comforts alot… i dreamt about bacon sandwhichs last night! But apart from that i love it out here. The injustice really stands out here but seeing the smiles and loving nature shows me we have alot to learn from them. Love to all.. miss you xx

Evening Ladies.. stewart (Millhead) here. Having an unreaaal time here in uganda, its my 3rd week here now as i flew out a week early. Was working with street kids and exploring kampala life including swimming, shopping, eating and heading out. Since i joined the CMS team we have been running kids clubs (obv) which has been very successful and great rewarding fun! Miss elborn, chris, arzo and all the lads. Cya’s soon. xx p.s. found out i got into university today :)

Hey Andy Beech here Just want to say im having a great time and dont want to come home anytime soon. Really looking forward to this week. P.S mum don’t want ODI tickets but thanks for the thought

Hello its katie here. Having a great time and things are going by very quickly. Am loving doing the kids club and finding out all about the culture! Trying my best to make the most of being out here. Love Katie!

Hello home! having a really great time but i cant believe its nearly over already! We have made loads of friends so it will be sad coming home, but im really looking forward to sharing all our stories! Love Suzy

Hey everyone! its emma H. I would like to thank everyone for their comments on the blog. Its great to hear them all! I am having a fantastic time and im loving spending time with all the kids! Everything here is so different here compared to home which is a challenge in itself, but i am loving every minute of it Love Emma xx

Hey everyone, having a great time out here. The first week consisted of kids clubs, meetings an general carping around the hospital. The weekend was eventful with another kids club and a Rural Church on Sunday. Today bought and cared for a chicken called laurence featherman. Missing eggy, craig, sam, graeme and all the lads and especially Gillian Love you loads Bbe. anyways hope to see more comments soon on the blogs TTYL AP! xxxx

Hi folks. Having a great time. Lots of new experiences and new friends. Hope you are all well. TTFN Samuel Hamilton Johnston III

Hello Laura here (trotman) Things have been great here and will hopefully only get betters. I would happily stay here past tuesday but would need a few home comforts (Rosie, chocolate cake and KFC haha) Love LT x P.S appreciate the comments lads

Alright Guys! Uganda 2009 has been awesome so far. The children have been amazing and have made the experience so enjoyable for me :) Thanks mum and dad for making the trip possible for me. Missing mum dad jill and mark greatly and missing jade terribly :( … cant wait to see you all soon. Love Davey P.S still havent seen any monkeys :( and mum and mandy Uganda is craft heaven XXX

Hello fam and friends, Sherry here. Apart from feeling unwell, i’ve been having a great time. I’m excited for the week ahead and experiencing more of Ugandan cultute.. but also looking forward to seeing everyone. Bangor and Dublin people included! Byes x

Having a good time havent been sick yet (touch wood) still not used to the showers but ill live, the kids we’re with are great, see you’s soon Tori x

Hey everyone, Emma jackson here. Im having an awesome time- loving all of it. Thanks for al the prayers and thoughts, also great to hear all the blog comments- keep them going! See you when i get home Emma j

Hello everyone!! life is good, having a fab time!! Can’t believe it’s nearly over. Excited for the next few days but also excited for toilets and warm showers again. Missing BPM, galaxy cookie crumble and mcdonalds and of course all friends and family. See yous soon, Love Jo xx

so i think thats everyone… i’m having a great time and looking forward to getting home to see jules!! will miss this special place!!

lots of love

grace and peace



gill and hfaz said Sat, 22 Aug 2009 08:18PM
heyy guyss, not long to go now :) hope uz have a good last week! jo n natalie..the new twilight trailer is out ul lve it! and new gossip girl trailer!!!!looks amzing! laura foster hannah hasnt had a subway since uv left, feeling goood!also my friend from england came over with a real channel bag i felt like lauren conrad so i took a pic for u. jade im having lots of funn :).... loll jo i am going to go buy u a cookie galaxy right now for wen u get home! natalie bout her sun bathe made us laugh!! lol results night was pretty crazy, eggy will show uz the video im sure lmao.sick. hope everyone did well in your results!! and good luck for all the gcse ones this week! nini i work with ur friend emily. hannahs mum is very proud of ur results!haha was working at the yacht club the other day it was not fun haha. missing ap sooo much!love you. iv got reli bad news for jo so fone me if u can, ur fone wont work wen i ring:(:( come home sooon! loves yous all xxxx gil n hfaz
Carl said Sat, 22 Aug 2009 08:38PM
Hey everyone. Glad you all seem to be having a great time. But you have to come back to Bangor, especially you Suzanne. Looking forward to hearing all the stories. Especially about the turkeys. I hope I am correct to write about them in the present tense... You can't have, surely? Not much to report from England other than another hot, hot day. The cricket wasn't bad either Master Beech. An Ashes victory awaits thanks to Messrs Broad - yes, I know - amd Trott. Have fun on the last few days. Take care, C.
tracy t said Sat, 22 Aug 2009 09:18PM
hi everyone - hope you are enjoying your last few days - Laura t it was so good to speak to you the other night - we are all so proud of you and what you have been doing x x Bangor will seem so strange after all your adventures!!! Love to you all and safe home x x x
Libby said Sun, 23 Aug 2009 08:39AM
Super blog Dave and great to hear from all the team - how can Bangor ever hope to compare? Great to speak to Andrew last night, hope Suzanne is well and that you have both taken lots of photos.The test match is turning out to be a surprise - end of day 3 - England 373 for 9 declared (Trott got 119) - Australia 80 for 0 after 20 overs! England currently 466 ahead - will try to tape some of the action today. Enjoy the safari - can't wait to get you home to cool, wet Bangor. Libby X
Ian said Sun, 23 Aug 2009 12:04PM
Brilliant to hear the news from everyone and well done Dave and team !! Sure you can't wait for the safari at the end of all your hard work. Enjoy !! Can't wait for your return home. Just having a last look at the clean bedroom Adz !!! Ian & Eleanor XX
Wee Chrissy GraHam said Sun, 23 Aug 2009 02:21PM
Hmm sounds immense. Hurry up and get back. Peace and grace!
tracy t said Sun, 23 Aug 2009 05:03PM
Hope your last Sunday has gone well - and you enjoy your last full day! For the cricket fans - England have just won the ashes by 197 runs! For thos who want trash mag news- this week heat says Cheryl Cole's new purple hair is a home dye mistake!! and the X factor back as good with awful singers as ever!!! Laura T - can't wait to get your dirty washing home, and have your bedroom back to its usual mess x x x Love to all Tracy t
Rosie said Mon, 24 Aug 2009 01:45PM
Please come home, haha i have no freinds lol. jokes sounds like use are having a brill time, haha natz not getting any suntan lol! bangor is same old boring bangor haha! What time in the day do you come home on wednesday, so i can immediately call you haha. p.s tracy if you read this can i please come and see scampi and molly soon, i miss them :( haha See you all soon love xxxxxxxxxxx