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Wilsons_2013 Posted by Rory Wilson on Tue, 25 Aug 2009 | 2 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

We’ve been here a few weeks now, so it was good to be visited by one of the other CMSI mission partner families this week. Aart and Geesje, along with Anne Fleur, Reuben and Jan Lucas came down from Arua on Sunday. They are a great family full of energy and fun, and obviously also doing great work at the vocational training centre at Arua. Last time we saw Aart he had driven a 5 Tonner the 6 hours down to here to collect some equipment which came on a container from Ireland. As there was a bit of spare room in the truck, he filled up with some timber and charcoal to make the journey particularly worthwhile – I think this time with the children the timber has had to wait. Thankfully though there was room for an apple cake from Geesje’s kitchen which was jolly tasty.

The Ekisa team from Ballyholme left us today. I shared in staff prayers this morning from Psalm 133. It has been a real encouragement to see Irish youngsters working with Ugandan’s and to note God’s blessings upon their efforts as they worked together with differences and similarities to share the gospel with children in local schools and around the hospital.

We have a team from ASPEN with us next week. ASPEN is a multinational reinsurance group who support some of the work at Kiwoko as part of their corporate social responsibility. They have been significant donors for the new maternity ward which should be receiving its first patients by the end of October. A team who visited last year had a busy programme and despite enjoying their trip were deeply challenged by what they saw. Hopefully the same will be true again this year.

Denise (sleeping beside me on the sofa as I write) and I are doing well. Denise is enjoying teaching at the nurse school, and certainly the reports reaching me from students are extremely positive. She has also been made the ‘set mother’ for the final years – to look out for their administrative and pastoral needs.

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Harry and Helen Girvan said Sun, 06 Sep 2009 11:11AM
Hi Rory,We are Matthew Girvan's Mum & Dad. Matthew was with the Ekisa team who recently left Kiwoko. He had a wonderful experience there and has been telling us all about his trip, the great moments, and of course the wonderful people he met while there.Many thanks for your contribution to the team's overall mission. Matthew spoke to you about making a contribution to a chap who wishes to complete his medical training, if that is correct. We would like to send £500 and if you could give us the bank details we can get that lodged asap. The money, as I am sure Matthew told you came from a fundraising golf day he had at Clandeboye Golf Club where he is a Juvenile member. Everyone was so generous to his cause that he raised more than he needed for his trip and indeed not only are we able to give you a donation but were able to give £500 as well to the juvenile section of the club as they hope to build a new locker room. We would be most grateful when you get the money that you could maybe send a blog back to us so that we could put it up on the club noticeboard and let members know how the money was spent. Many thanks. Continue the good work there and take care. Kind Regards Harry & Helen P.S Rory, I got early retirement last year after 30 years working in Dundonald High School with Josey Cushnahan. Just to let tou know that I worked with your Mum when she came in to sub. I met her at one of the fundraising lunches at the church just before she went off to New Zealand for Dougal's wedding. Do pass on my regards to her. Helenx
Heather Fullerton said Fri, 16 Oct 2009 04:45PM
Hi Rory and Denise, My husband and I visited Uganda as part of a Fields Of Life team in July/August 2009 with Paddy and Valerie Manning. We carried out some basic health screening at the Good Shepherd Primary School in Mawale and very much enjoyed our experience. Our son is in 4th year of his medical studies at Aberdeen University and is thinking about his elective, probably in November 2010. He would be very keen to visit Uganda and wondered if he could be of assistance in Kiwoko. We would very much appreciate your consideration. With kind regards, Heather

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