Greetings to all our friends...

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Greetings to all our friends…

The guesthouse in the Jerico compound is still providing some income for the Vocational Centre as guests come and go, mostly for a short stay of one night. Hopefully, with time more people will stay for longer periods and it will hopefully significantly supplement the income for the VTC.

The crafts are going fine, we recently sold another batch to Bananaboat, the craft shop in Kampala. Mas is selling them in the Netherlands at our home church as well. I hope they are selling at the CMS Ireland with Yvonne and Jenny! The HIV affected mothers at Arua Hospital, are producing table linen and are also still doing fine
with the production of napkins, table runners and the like.

The new Mechanics Instructor is also providing a maintenance service for cars for income generation for the VTC, which is good for the VTC and the students. “Our own” car has major problems and is currently in Kampala for repair.

The Library that Rachel established is going on well, Doreen is keen to open it and she is there daily after lunch for the students who borrow the books.

Anne Fleur is fine, number 4 in her class! She finds reading and writing in Dutch now more difficult than English she says. We’ve moved to the crafts room for
her afternoon Dutch classes. The local kids found the lessons more interesting than Anne Fleur and the distraction was too much. Ruben is doing all right at the Nursery and Jan Lucas is a happy chap as ever.

Aart is getting the generator going again, as we’ve had no power for a week. The batteries have done a good job but will need to be recharged very soon.

Greetings to all the folks and know that we’re together in prayer,

Geesje and also greetings from the rest of the den Breejen family in Arua.

Aart and Geesje den Breejen

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