Little power, some rest and a new Church

Alison_28_march_2011_001 Posted by Alison Gill on Fri, 02 Oct 2009 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

Greetings once again from a hot and dry Bujumbura where we’re only having electricity about 24 hours on / 24 hours off. So computer work, emails etc are not possible half the time. It’s very frustrating! I’m intrigued though to see how many Burundians are also reliant on their computers. Things just seem to come to a standstill in offices when there’s no power – in Bujumbura at least.

Last week I spent a lovely week’s leave with my friend Debbie who came for the Alpha conference. We spent some time at the beach and also visited the tea plantations in Kayanza, in the north of Burundi. It was so good to have some time off and to be able to share with a close friend but also hard to see her go. Having had the wonderful Alpha Team and Debbie here for 2 weeks, it seems very quiet now.

I am thankful to now be involved with a local Church which I’ve committed to initially for 6 months. They seem to have a good mix of lovely worship, Biblical teaching and ministry in the Holy Spirit. The pastor attended the Alpha conference and plans to start Alpha in December, firstly to help disciple people in the Church and then to reach out to others. We’ve even sung, ‘You are Alpha and Omega’ two weeks running, in honour of the Alpha Course!

Burundi is grieving the loss of 12 more soldiers who were killed in Somalia last week. Their bodies were brought back and flags have been at half mast. What is so terrible is that, I am told, the US AID in Burundi is conditional on Burundi sending soldiers to Somalia. Aid is not free! The African Union peacekeeping mission there is made up solely of Burundians and Ugandans. It seems a tragedy when Burundi needs to rebuild itself.

Fantastic Alpha Conference

Two weeks ago over 50 delegates from many different denominations and ministries came together for the Alpha conference lead by the Burundian Alpha Coordinator, Jean-Claude and a team from Holy Trinity Brompton. It was wonderful! The Catholic Archbishop came and addressed the conference and said that he would like Alpha to run throughout the Catholic Church in Burundi. Let’s keep praying for this. It would be awesome if 60% of the population in Burundi were exposed to the fundamentals of the Christian faith in their local Catholic Church.

It seems Alpha has an incredible anointing on it and draws people to work together to build God’s Kingdom – something we saw at the conference.

Alpha is about the beginning of the Christian life but the teaching can help lay a great foundation on which to continue growing in Christ.

Prayer points:

Praise God for all He did through the Alpha conference.

Praise for time away and fellowship with Debbie and the HTB Team.

For protection: a thief was recently caught and beaten, trying to burgle a nearby property.

My brother and his fiancé’s protection in Afghanistan.

For my Grandfather to know Jesus and have a peaceful end to his life.

For God’s healing and restoration for my Rema colleague and for the rest of the team.