Sadness and thanksgiving in Sudan

Img_4014 Posted by David Gough on Fri, 02 Oct 2009 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

The sad news about the death of former Archbishop Marona and the continuing loss of life from various factions, perpetrating insecurity in Southern Sudan, has saddened our hearts. However we have much to be thankful for, including for the life and ministry of former Archbishop Marona as well as for what our Global Partners in Sudan and Link Parishes in Ireland have achieved.

I received a short email from Bishop Kamani of Ibba Diocese, stating the following…
Dear David
Please pray for our the diocese of Ibba. We received a sad news this afternoon that the LRA attached Ibba yesterday night of which 3 people were
taken alive including our youth leader called Jaffir. We are not sure whether the three are alive or dead.
God Bless
Rt. Rev Wilson Kamani
Bishop of the Diocese of Ibba

I also received a recent an email from Bishop Justin saying…
Dear David
Greetings from Juba. The Late Retired Archbishop was laid to rest this afternoon at all Saints Cathedral Juba.
Thank you for your prayers and the condolence message you have sent to us.
Thank you

Rt. Rev. Justin Badi Arama Bishop of Maridi Diocese

Bishop Justin also kindly acknowledged the efforts of David Haddow and Edenderry Parish, Omagh. I spoke there yesterday and was able pass onto
them the following email from the Bishop thanking them for the Bursary they are currently supporting for Moses Zungo to attend Uganda Christian
Dear David
Convey our greetings to David Haddow and all the members of his church. We are very thankful for their support and commitment to train Rev Moses for
Moses will be a very important asset for the Diocese in the field of training both at Haddow secondary school and Chaima College which we plan to upgrade to offer other Developmental courses alongside theology.
Thank you

Rt. Rev. Justin Badi Arama Bishop of Maridi Diocese

I’m also glad to report that we have recently transferred funds to support the rebuilding of Grace Secondary School in Kadugli Diocese, Nuba Mountains. Maureen Donnelly and Down Cathedral have been working hard developing the link and raising awareness and money.

It is also extremely encouraging as many other Link Parishes from throughout Ireland continue to support our Sudan Partners including the support of ongoing projects including:- School building, Health, Training, Agriculture, Water and much more… Albany Diocese in America continues to support the medical work in Maridi Diocese.

Finally, within the last few there has been an appeal from the Archbishop of the Sudan for Ezo Diocese where 15,000 people are displaced due to LRA attacks and 4 were killed including a Diocesan Lay Reader and also for the 24,000 displaced in the new Diocese of Twic East, Jongli State where 40 were shot dead during Morning Prayer, including an Archdeacon. There are now 29 Dioceses in the ECS- 5 have been added since the Archbishop took office.

Please continue to pray for all our 7 Partner Dioceses in Southern Sudan at this time of uncertainty and continuing insecurity. Four of these Dioceses urgently require Link Parishes in Ireland to prayerfully journey with them during this time of historic significance in Southern Sudan.