Kenya Emergency Appeal 2009

Posted by Sarah Caughey on Thu, 15 Oct 2009 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

Harvest, a time to celebrate God’s provision for his world…not just in our daily bread but for the fellowships that he blesses us with, for his abundant love and sustaining grace…and the knowledge that he hears our cries and is moved with passion for his children.

This harvest, CMS Ireland is, in particular, remembering our partners in the Anglican Diocese of Kajiado in Kenya.

Kenya is no stranger to the devastating effects of drought and famine having suffered greatly from such a crisis in 2005/2006. Since this time, there has not been the usual rainy season that crops, livestock and people rely on to flourish and survive. As a result, drought and famine have begun to take a disastrous grip on the country once again. Due to the lack of water, crops are failing and livestock are dying. Communities are facing crisis.

The Diocese of Kajiado is planning to launch a food distribution programme which will target those areas which are worst affected by the drought, in an effort to sustain the lives of the most vulnerable (women, children and the elderly) in those communities. The aim is to provide basic food supplies, in accordance with the UN’s minimum daily requirements for daily food intake for twenty families in ten different locations within the next six months. This is based on the assumption, and with prayer, that the October/November rains will take place as expected and bring relief from the impact of drought.

Based on the UN quantities, it will cost just £10 to feed a family of 6 (2 adults and four grown children) for one week. Just £10 can provide a lifeline to communities being ravaged by drought.

CMS Ireland is calling upon Link Parishes to support our partners, our brothers and sisters in Kajiado Diocese, through prayer and through financial support to launch the food distribution programme.

Please remember Kenya and the Diocese of Kajiado in your prayers: the communities facing this drought and those who are seeking to serve them in the midst of this emergency in the coming days, weeks and months:

Our LORD in Heaven,

We give you praise that you are sovereign over all, that nothing is beyond the reach of your mighty hand and your awesome love. We give you thanks and praise LORD that even though you are the alpha and omega, you listen to the cries of your people, you are a God who is moved with compassion when your children are in distress.

Father God we pray for our brothers and sisters in Kajiado:
For wisdom and guidance for those involved in the planning and delivery of the food distribution programme.For strength and joy amidst the suffering and distress. We pray that you would reign over this situation and that through this programme, your deep love and compassion will be reflected in the actions of those working in Kajiado, and in all we do to assist them.

Abba, let your blessing rest on Kenya, that this rainy season will bring the much needed waters to the country. Send your life giving rains to revive the land, to bring relief to those suffering from drought, and to bring life to crops and livestock.

In your Holy name,


For more information about the Kenya Emergency Appeal, please contact Niall in the Belfast office.