Advent greetings from Kiwoko

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First Sunday in Advent today they say.I was on call so attending church this morning was a luxury missed.

Call wasn’t so bad today – but we lost 2 patients last night – both would probably be alive if they had just presented sooner. The 12 year old boy was brought by ambulance at 9pm. I saw the vehicle pass maternity were I was finishing off so I went directly over to male ward. He was on the trolley to transfer him to a bed on the ward…and arrested as I arrived. A resuscitation/history taking/examination ensued…without success. He had a high blood sugar and his history was in keeping with a new diagnosis of diabetes. The boy had been sick for a week and had received care from another health unit – who hadn’t thought about diabetes. There is lots of work we could do building capacity in some of the local lower level referring health centres – but without enough doctors to even do our own work well such a need remains unmet for the meantime.

I am sitting at home tonight after a tasty tuna, mushroom and groundnut stirfry – 2/3 of the ingredients obtained locally. Am listening to some excellent Advent/Christmas music – What sweeter music/ Tomorrow Shall be my dancing day bring me back to candlelit services in Bangor Parish in my teen years – now half a life time ago as my fourth decade starts to beckon! It is good to remember such days fondly. My trombone now rests most of the year in mum’s house in Bangor, but on Christmas Eve I shall lend a Tenor line to some Christmas Carols around the wards.

Yearly I am struck by the need to reflect upon the preposterous nature of the incarnation – God becoming one of us – can it really be true?

Yearly my intentions to take time daily to obomasumate upon some of the passages in the Bible get overtaken by busyness and lack of discipline. I anticipate the same this year – but “if something is worth doing it is worth doing badly” – so again I shall undertake to achieve some measure of reflection again.

If you have outstanding Christmas presents to purchase we again have alternative Christmas presents from Kiwoko. This year we are trying to subsidize the care we provide from male medical ward (where I tend to be based.) The going rate for a card is £10 and they can be obtained from Yvonne Manogue (please contact her via the CMS Ireland offices in Belfast). Please get hold of a few and help keep us afloat and trying to be God incarnate for those in need. Obviously you don’t need to be in Kiwoko to represent God, so I pray that you manage it in whatever setting and with whoever you find yourself in this week.


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