again, again, again....

35580008 Posted by Mark Gill on Thu, 03 Dec 2009 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

On Tuesday evening last we went to Dublin office for the monthly prayer meeting there. ‘Where two or three are gathered’ is appropriate, and we had a nice evening sharing about our work in Nepal and committing it in prayer to God with grateful thanks. The rain was still with us when we left Monkstown but as soon as we crossed the border, it stopped and it was relatively dry…until we returned to the border at around 11pm!
Well, it washed the car…

Wednesday morning we were up and out early, picking up Julie Currie on the way to Fleming Fulton Special School to share with the kiddies there. They have had a link with Asha Bal Bikas Sewa (Children of Hope Development Service) in Nepal – the day care centre Mark designed and built a Centre for.

The kids loved doing the wee games and learning how to drink Nepali style: hold a bottle or jug over your mouth, make sure the spout or bottle lip does not touch your lips, and pour the water into your mouth, glugging it down as you go…have a go! It is very hygenic, and appropriate for prevention of spreading Swine Flu etc! Of course the kiddies loved this simple little activity and it was: ‘again, again, again…’ you know how kids get when they are excited and can easily master doing something.

I shared with them about Jesus, recorded in Mark 4, saying about letting your light shine and not putting it under a pot, and that this Christmas, we can remember Jesus letting his light shine as he came into the world to save us and bless us. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could capture that enthusiasm that the kids showed: ‘again, again, again…’ to know Jesus in all that we do.