Pedal power for Kenya

Posted by Sarah Caughey on Fri, 18 Dec 2009 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

Many of you will be aware of the situation in Kenya, and East Africa, where communities, crops and livestock have been devastated by the effects of the worst drought in living memory. Jonathan Moore, from Minerex Environmental Limited, decided to hold a fundraising event putting his pedal power to the test with a 12 hour static cycle on a busy Saturday 5th December 2009 on South King Street, Dublin.

Following the severe drought in 2006, Minerex became involved in the food recovery and drought security programme in Kajiado initated by CMS Ireland and run by local communities, providing funding for the re-development and running of an agricultural training centre (shamba) in Meto.

Braving the elements, and the shoppers of the busy shopping area of Dublin, Jonathan and friends raised €1,800 and cycled for a little over eleven hours! The proceeds from this event, will support the programme in Meto. It has been over a year since it rained in Meto, so water conservation is vital for the communities, their crops and their livestock. Well done to the Minerex fundraisers!

Please continue to pray for this region and the Maasai people as they continue to live under these conditions. Pray that new crops would flourish and livestock would become strong again. And give thanks for all those people, such as Jonathan, who are supporting the people of this region in practical, as well as prayerful ways.

If you would like to support the people of Kajiado Diocese through CMS Ireland, please click here for more information.