META Perspective: Nepal 2009

Posted by Sarah Caughey on Mon, 28 Dec 2009 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

In Autumn 2009, a team from St Patrick’s Parish in Ballymena travelled to Kathmandu, Nepal to spend time with CMS Ireland Global Partners Human Development Community Services and a growing local church as part of a META. Here a member of the team, Cheryl, shares with us about her time and experiences in Nepal…

The Nepal META trip in November 2009 was a tremendously positive and powerful experience for all who were part of it. Roger Cooke from CMS Ireland in conjunction with Canon Lloyd had put together a schedule that was extremely varied, with every day holding rich new experiences. The team gelled together in a very supportive way.

Four members of the team created a mural in the International school, the other team members repainted the outside of the HDCS building (a Christian NGO organisation working in health and education), cleared an area of ground and laid foundations for a wall. We spent time with the disabled children in ABBS (children’s hope development service) and a few of the team were taken in to see a local hospital and meet some of the patients. Alongside these and other activities we visited several house churches and were warmly welcomed to join with them in prayer and worship. We also had some memorable walks into the countryside allowing us to get a flavour of the Nepali rural way of life.

For me, one of the highlights of the trip was our involvement with a local church in Kathmandu. The pastor is confined to a wheelchair and many of the congregation are also disabled or suffering from illness and undergoing treatment at the local hospital. The people had a generosity and openness in their faces and hearts which could not fail to have an impact on the team members. So many had physical problems: there were amputees, leprosy suffers, handicapped and disabled but there was a zeal and love for God that was tangible despite all of this. In this environment there was a sense of Christian solidarity that was personally very moving. In their poverty they had a great generosity of spirit and that despite lacking many material things they had in fact found the most important thing and were treasuring and holding onto it.

Nepal itself is a developing country, people have much less than in the western world and there is a great divide between the rich and the poor. Yet although they were poor and had many problems, there was a sense of freedom and happiness– maybe they are the ones who are truly rich.

One of the ways I felt the experience impacted my faith was by encouraging me to renew my focus on God. The visit impressed on me the importance of Christ as the centre of life – where we have true riches and freedom.

In the coming months, please remember the members of this META team as they share about their experiences in Nepal with others, as well as reflecting on the impact of the META in their own lives._

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