Starting Small and Growing Tall: an update on the 2009 Annual Project

Posted by Sarah Caughey on Mon, 28 Dec 2009 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

Each year the Annual Project gives children and young people an opportunity to engage with what God is doing in another part of the world, and explore how they can play their part in God’s global story.

The 2009 CMS Ireland Annual Project, Start Small Grow Tall, focused on Kibungo Diocese in Rwanda, helping us to learn more about life for rural farming communities in the South East of Rwanda and providing support for the Diocese as it works to provide training, jobs, and an income generating project, through the establishment of maize growing co-operatives.

This year, over 70 parishes across Ireland joined in the Annual Project, using the lesson plans, activity sheets and the accompanying DVD to learn about Rwanda and to explore mission in Sunday Schools and beyond. Featured are photos from Castlederg and Aghavilly Parishes, which Children and Youth Co-Ordinator Julie Currie visited in November. Speaking about parish involvement in the Annual Project Julie shares, “It is always a real joy to see how much parishes, as well as their children and young people, get involved in the project each year. It is also a great encouragement to our Global Partners to know that they are remembered in prayer and are supported by churches in Ireland”.

All proceeds raised by Parishes and Sunday schools for the Start Small Grow project throughout the year go towards supporting maize growing co-operatives, training and jobs for rural farming communities in Kibungo Diocese.

So far, over £20,000 has been raised through the project to support this initiative. A fantastic amount!! £5,000 has already been sent to Rwanda and this money has been turned into training, maize seeds and manure, as well as funding the management and administration of the two co-operatives which have been established in the diocese. A third co-operative will be established early in 2010. All of the co-operatives receive training in soil types, how to protect the land, good use of the land, how to plant maize, harvesting and marketing, amongst other subjects. So far, 2,500 kilos of maize and 10,000 kilos of manure have been distributed which is enough to cover more than 100 hectares of land.

Please remember to pray for the people in Kibungo Diocese, as the small seeds begin to grow into a means of providing income ad security for years to come; pray for a good harvest from what has already been planted; and pray for the Diocese as they work to support the co-operatives. Also, give thanks for all those parishes, Sunday schools and youth groups who have supported the project in 2009 through prayer and giving, and pray that they will been blessed through what they have learnt.

The Annual Project Hands On! Kiwoko 2010 will be launching in the New Year – please check the website for further details. Dates for launch presentations can be found in the Winter 2009 Edition of inMission.