He' got the whole world in his hands....

Sarah_hutchinson Posted by Sarah Caughey on Sat, 23 May 2009 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to del.icio.us Post this to Facebook

This song has taken on a new and exciting meaning for me recently – no longer the song you drag your way through in school but a song about how mighty, how holy and how sovereign God is. Also, as I’ve been living in a microcosm of the world, with mission people from around the globe, it is a statement of the truth – as God is supporting, strengthening, challenging, equipping and protecting all these people from the corners of the world.

I cannot believe that it is almost time for me to leave here…I can count the days on my hands!

Next week will be my last full week with HDCS and it will be a busy one as I finish off my work and hand it over where needs be. Also, we have just received the ABBS CD cover so Monday and Tuesday will be days of folding the covers before the first batch leaves Nepal! Some good byes have already been said as some staff left for work around Nepal. It has been great getting to know them and being part of the work that they do.

Sarah is away in Vietnam until Tuesday and the house is very lonely without her. But it gives me time to start packing up and sorting through things to stay and things to take with me. I have no doubt that God put us together…we have had an amazing time living together and I am so glad that we were able to get to know each other! It’s a bit late in the day…but I have finally put some photos of where I have been living all this time!

It is a strange mixture of emotions ahead in the coming week with so many lasts…but one big first as my fiancé arrives next Saturday and I am able to show him what my life has been like here. Safe to say, I am a little more than excited to meet him in the airport! I think the moment that will capture my final week, is next Sunday when, according to KICC (international church) tradition, newcomers stand and say hello, and leavers stand and say goodbye. Colin will say hello. I will say goodbye. And that is how a lot of my last week will go…introducing Colin to people and places that I got to know, and saying farewell to them.

So lots to pray for in the two weeks! Please pray that I would be able to complete all in HDCS. Pray for an amazing last few days with Sarah before Colin arrives and that they would get to know each other in the following days. Please pray for Colin’s journey and for his time here: for health and energy to adjust to KTM. And pray that God would continue to fill me with joy, even as I say goodbyes to friends here.

Please continue to pray for Nepal as there is contintued political talks as the parties rearrange themselves and hopefully a new PM will be appointed. Also for peace…at 9am on Saturday a bomb went off in a catholic church in Dhobi ghat, killing two people and perhaps fifteen people injured.