News from January 2010

Surrounded by pregnant women.


Rory shares his experiences attending an antenatal class in Kampala.

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Wilsons_2013 Posted by Rory Wilson on Sun, 31 Jan 2010 | 1 comments | Visit Rory, Denise & Gideon Wilson's blog

Two "tyring" days driving in Sudan


After a week in Maridi, Regional Mission Partner David Gough arrives in Yei for the next part of his visit to Sudan – read about his eventful journeys with Mission Associate John Spens and being reminded that some things are not coincidences, but “Godincidences”…

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Blessings from Kenya....


The word for blessing in Swahili is “Baraka” – a very apt name for the team of 6 who will be visiting Ireland from Kajiado Diocese in Kenya. This is an anticipated visit, both by the team members themselves and by all those in Ireland who are looking forward to meeting them. The team Baraka have a busy programme, and during their time here they will share fellowship and stories with parishes and groups across Ireland, and no doubt enjoy the renowned Norn Iron hospitality …and weather!

Read on to meet the members of team Baraka…

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Posted by Sarah Caughey on Tue, 26 Jan 2010

META to Maridi Diocese, Sudan – From 17th January 2010


This January, a team from Movilla and Dromore parishes are travelling to Sudan for ten days to visit Maridi, and other parts of Sudan. This will be a challenging time for the team in many different ways. The members of the team would value your prayers during their time in Sudan, and for their families back in Ireland. Read on to find out about the team, and how you can support them in prayer in the days ahead.

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Posted by Sarah Caughey on Wed, 20 Jan 2010

Lainya Emergency and news from Sudan

Greetings from Yei Southern Sudan…I departed on Tuesday 12th January for a 3 week visit to 5 Dioceses in Sudan. On the day I arrived in Yei I addressed the opening of Yei Diocesan Synod speakinmg from Joshua 1:1-9 Get Ready… I have also visited Lainya Diocese on Friday and met the Bishop Alapayo of Rumbek. I also will be visiting Rokon, KajoKeji and Maridi Dioceses. On the 19th a team from Connor Diocese, including Archdeacon Stephen Forde, will arrive to visit Yei Diocese for one week while I fly to Maridi for 7 days with a team from Movilla Abbey and Dromore Cathedral including Dean Stephen Lowry. I return home on 3rd February and Bishop Kamani of Ibba Diocese, Sudan arrives in Belfast on 4th February – so it’s a hectic few weeks.

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More birds than people

After a busy few weeks, Rory catches up with a blog entry while overlooking the river Nile.

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They say it never rains but it pours...


We prayed for it – and now our waterholes are overflowing… from thinking that it might not rain for a very long time, here we are up to our knees in it!

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