They say it never rains but it pours...

Ronnie___maggie_3 Posted by Ronnie & Maggie Briggs on Wed, 06 Jan 2010 | 6 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

They say it never rains but it pours – well we had begun to think it was never going to rain – but it did! Not only did it rain but it poured, and then it poured some more! It’s good to remember sometimes that if you pray for something you might actually get it! The first rain shower deposited almost 4 inches of rain, and then it continued to rain for a number of days afterwards.

Of course the rain is a blessing but the down side was the flooding: power lines came down, trees were felled, rivers flooded and overflowed their banks, some cattle were drowned and crops growing in the gardens were flattened.

However, we now have water in every conceivable water hole, good green grass growing all over the place and there is definitely a lighter mood amongst the people across the Diocese.

Very many thanks to all the people who committed to pray for the Diocese that there would be sufficient rains to alleviate the desperate suffering of so many people for such a long time – and that is now what we have.

We even have a story of a miraculous survival of an elderly couple who are members of the Cathedral in Kajiado. On the way to their home they always cross a small river bed – which is normally dry. However, on the first day of the rains it became a roaring river and the husband misjudged the strength of the water. As he attempted to drive across, his car – along with his wife and son – was swept away by the force of the water. It went down stream for about 100m and finally came to rest against some rocks. Fortunately the car did not roll but managed to stay afloat otherwise the outcome would not have been so good. They had to stay in the car for about another 3 hours before people could be phoned and provide the assistance they needed. (Thank you again to all of you who have given us old mobile phones in the past, they really do make a difference). His wife is still in Hospital with the shock of it all but they are thankful and grateful to God for their miraculous escape. This same river swept away a Land Rover of the Maasai Rural Training Centre and the driver was drowned back in 1992.

So, on behalf of everybody here in the Diocese of Kajiado can we thank you all for your prayers of encouragement and support during this really trying time and ask you to go back and give thanks to God for supplying all our needs. Our God is able…


Julie said Thu, 07 Jan 2010 04:12PM
God answers prayer!
Paul Ferguson said Thu, 07 Jan 2010 06:34PM
Wonderful news about the rains. ....and a real answer to so many prayes. Did everywhere receive a good soaking or has it been patchy. Really cold and miserable hre at home
Maggie Briggs said Fri, 08 Jan 2010 05:51PM
The whole country has had a good soaking and become a vivid green colour - it's just so wonderful!
Janet Hunter said Fri, 15 Jan 2010 07:37PM
Praise the Lord for answering prayer. It is so good to know the people of Kajiado have one less problem among all the stresses they have just to eat and life. Thank you God for your Love and provision for our Lives Amen.
Rosemary Orr said Fri, 15 Jan 2010 10:22PM
Bwana Asifiwe! I would so love to see Kajiado covered in green grass, and what about Oltiasika? That must be beautiful!!We will be back, of that there is no doubt. Kenya has captured our hearts forever.
Victoria Harrison said Tue, 26 Jan 2010 11:24AM
What an answer to prayer - God is good. I know this will make such a differene to the people there. I am so excited about some of the Kenyans coming to Northern Ireland soon - Im counting the days!!

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