More birds than people

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Uganda is full of contrasts – on New Year’s eve the national football stadium was filled to capacity for an all night prayer meeting. The event was copied across the country as other all night prayer meetings took place. Simultaneously on top of hills and under ancient trees, many payed homage to the spirits of the ancestors, sacrificing chickens, goats, and more, while dancing the night in drunken revelry. While statistics show Ugandan society developing on most markers of development – life expectancy, GDP etc, the gap between the rich who can afford a nice house and a BMW in Kampala, and those living in rural poverty grows more stark – a child born in Kiwoko has a 25% greater chance of dying before school age, than if he was born in Kampala.

Speaking of contrasts – I write overlooking the river Nile. Our last weekend away together was in September, so Denise + I are living the high life in a tent (well, its called a tent, but it’s rather fancy) overlooking the famous river. It is very therapeutic – listening to the noise of the river in bed at night reminds me of the noise of the sea at Castlerock. The life this river sustains in 5 countries is stupendous. The volume of fish must be incredible – judging from the number of birds – in the square mile around where I am sitting there must be more than twice the number of birds as people here. The fishermen are also working hard catching the same fish for Denise’s diner. After lunch we had a pleasant walk along the cliff top, but sensing a storm approaching retreated before I could have a swim. A few monkeys and a monitor lizard were surprised by the rapid retracing of our steps. Discretion has proved correct as the approaching storm has made a lot of noise and water, and would have half drowned us if we were so far away when it arrived. Thankfully I did manage a swim yesterday at least – much to the amusement of some local children and an otter who came to investigate.

It is good to have a few days to take it easy. With two weeks of church leaders’ Bible Conference, and several other visitors, the month is shaping up to be busier than December.

Let us wish you a Happy New Year, and hope that it proves a year of many good things and God’s blessings.


Rory + Denise

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