META to Maridi Diocese, Sudan – From 17th January 2010

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This January, a team from Movilla and Dromore parishes is travelling to Maridi Diocese, and then visiting other in Sudan for ten days. This will be a challenging time for the team in many different ways, and so the team would encourage you to remember them in your prayers: for safety and health, for blessed times with those whom they encounter, and that God would continually keep them under the shelter of his wing.
Sudan has faced many challenges and hardships in past years, yet Maridi is also a place where God is at work in power, transforming many people’s lives, renewing communities and helping society recover from years of conflict. The team will be visiting signs of this growth through schools, clinics, church sites and through meeting individuals who are living by the grace of God.

Among the various purposes for the visit which the team has begun to identify are these:
- A desire to obey God’s call to go to Maridi
- A sense of God calling one of us to pray for a particular unidentified child
- A longing to meet with people who have been the topic of prayer for years
- A desire to see the fruits of prayer & financial support offered from ‘here’ over the years
Overcoming a fear of facing real poverty
- A wish to encourage individuals in Maridi that they are not forgotten but are loved
- An opportunity to spend a week there in anticipation of spending many years there

Prayer Support

Here you will find information to help guide you in your prayers for the Maridi META in the coming days…

The Team:

As you pray, you may wish to remember the team members by name and some points of prayer for that individual, or those who you feel led to pray for each day:

- Warnock Edmunds: This is his return visit to Maridi and is keen to use his range of handy skills to serve God however he can, as well as sharing his faith.
- June Richardson: This is June’s first visit to Maridi, but has been praying and working for the church there for a long time. She will help the team to reflect on and remember their daily experiences. As the only woman on the Maridi portion of the trip she looks forward to meeting Mother’s Union members in the diocese and sharing her faith with them.
- Charlie Sherwin (Verger of Dromore): His first META. With many years in the Boys Brigade he will bring many practical skills to the team, as well as being a concern for the wellbeing of others. Pray that God will reveal why He called Charlie to this META.
- Stephen Lowry (Rector of Dromore): This will be his first trip to Africa. He has been nominated by the team to do the main talks at the two services in the itinerary. His role includes gathering the team for worship and prayer each morning, asking different members to lead each day.

Also, please remember:

- Regional Mission Partner David Gough as he leads and co-ordinates for the team during their time.

- Jane Corbett, Lynn McFarland, Trevor Matthews, Bruce Dark, and Ken Higgins who had earlier planned to be on the team. Joining us from Northern Ireland, on a parallel trip to Yei, are Stephen Forde (Archdeacon of Dalriada), David Cromie (Diocesan Treasurer for Down, Dromore and Connor) and Karen Bushby (Connor Communications Officer).

- Bishop Justin Badi is Bishop of Maridi. Rev Gerusoma Tito is on the bishop’s team in the diocese, as are Wilson the youth worker and Rev Martin the diocesan development officer.

Daily Itinerary:
Please use these dates to fuel your prayers each day. The plans are very fluid, so don’t feel limited in your prayers by this provisional daily plan.

Sunday 17th: Early morning flight 7.20 am from Belfast International to London Heathrow then 10.50 Flight from Heathrow to Entebbe, Uganda

Monday 18th: Day spent in and around Entebbe, some orientation, possibly sharing with the team from Connor Diocese who are visiting Yei at the same time. Spend some of the day as tourists in the small town at Entebbe and overnight at Entebbe Airport Guesthouse

Tuesday 19th: Very early flight to Yei then up in the air (again!) to Maridi. Probably arriving late morning. [Maridi is two hours ahead of UK time]. The rest of day spent meeting people who come to greet us and settling in to Tucals: the huts with straw roofs in which we are staying.

Wednesday 20th: Early rise. Daily Worship. Visitation of some places in the morning and fellowship with youth at Christ Town Church in the evening. Probably some sharing on worship themes.

Thursday 21st: Visitation of Diocesan projects in the morning and in the evening visiting the area around Matara

Friday 22nd: A pastoral visit to Kazan 1. One of the team will preach, the size of the congregation is around 800 maybe more. Preaching involves translation. Members of the team will share their faith stories.

Saturday 23rd: Some or all of the Team to visit Ibba Diocese. A long journey.

Sunday 24th: A pastoral visit to Mabilindi. One of the team will preach. We expect the service also to last for 3 hours and the size of the congregation is expected to be around 1000, maybe more. Greetings and Faith stories.

Monday 25th: Team meeting with the Diocesan staff in the morning and visiting the family of the Bishop in the evening.

Tuesday 26th: Fly to Yei then on to Entebbe airport. Rest of day spent in Entebbe awaiting a flight after midnight 00.35 (10.35 pm UK time) to London

Wednesday 27th: From London Heathrow we take a morning flight to Belfast International. For arrival before noon.

If you want to use the following prayers from the team to help you support the team, please feel free to do so. We encourage you to offer silence too, simply waiting for God to guide your prayers.

Father God, you call us in our weakness to serve in your strength. Walk beside the team today, protecting them from danger and revealing to them your glory at work. Help them to trust you for every need, and to find in you their satisfaction, their joy and their peace.

Almighty God, you are the God of love. Help each of the people the team meets today to sense your love through their presence in Maridi. Make the brief meetings that happen become divine encounters full of meaning and good communication. Use today for your purposes.

Heavenly Father, your Son came to reveal you by signs and wonders and through proclaiming your word. Come in power to the team today and use them to share your presence and power as you will. Give them courage to trust you completely to answer their prayers.

Gracious God, you are the righteous and holy God. You long to build up your people in godly and holy living. Guard the hearts and minds of the team today and give them strength against the tempter and their own frailty. Deliver them from evil.

You promised, O God, to send the Holy Spirit to guide your disciples into all truth. Come upon the team today and give them insights to share in word and deed. Bless them as they speak and bring greetings to those they met. Give them a word from yourself to share in the power of the Spirit.

Father, remember those the team have left at home as their supporters and encouragers. Help Margaret, Noel, Margaret, Vera and Eileen, their children and wider family circles to know your presence at this wonderful yet challenging time.

Protect O God those whom the team meets today. Help them to enjoy the excitement of meeting strangers from a distant place. Save them from misreading the sort of gift the team is bringing. Help them to see love, care, and affection not money or a route to progress.

Lord, will you bring a healing today? Will you work a change of heart in a team member? Will you reveal a new opportunity for support from here? Will you redirect a ministry today? Will you inspire a Sudanese pastor to new and further study? Will you call a young person to ordination? Will you do something beyond our imagination? Do your will, O God, and help us rejoice in our share in your work today. Amen