Blessings from Kenya....

Posted by Sarah Caughey on Tue, 26 Jan 2010 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

The word for blessing in Swahili is “Baraka” – a very apt name for the team of 6 who will be visiting Ireland from 17th February until 10th March.

This is an anticipated visit, both by the team members themselves and by all those in Ireland who are looking forward to meeting them. It will be particularly special visit, as it follows the META visit from St Paul’s in Lisburn to Kajiado Diocese in Kenya over the summer.

Let’s meet the team…

Bwana asifiwe! (Praise the Lord!)
My name is Rev Naftaly Lemooke and I am the Team Leader. I am married to Gladys and we have three children – Samuel (13), Titus (7) and Esther (1½). I am the Pastor in charge of Oltiasika Parish which has 5 congregations. I am looking forward to meeting you again in Lisburn and am hoping to encourage people to come to faith in Jesus. May God bless you as you witness to your own congregation and people in Lisburn.

Jambo sana! (Big hellos!)
My name is Rev James Njoroge. I am married to one wife – Mary and we have seven children and one grandchild – Stephanie. I am the Pastor in charge of ACK Emmanuel Cathedral in Kajiado. I am looking forward to learning new methods of ministry. Please pray for me as I pray for you receiving us in this trip.

Hamjambo! (Greetings to you all!)
My name is Rev Eric Solonka. I am married to Elizabeth and we have two children – Emmanuel and Joy. I serve as the Diocesan Youth Co-Ordinator. I hope to share my experience of Christianity with you and encourage people to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Please pray for us that God will use us during this mission.

Habari zenu? (How are you all?)
My name is Rev Mary Kuria. I am married to Wallace and we have four children – one daughter and three sons. We also have one granddaughter aged 3 years. I am the Vicar of a new Parish called St Barnabas, Kitengela. I am also the Missions Director in the Diocese of Kajiado. I am looking forward to the challenge of the mission ahead of us. Let us pray it may bring change to the lives of many people.

Bwana asifiwe! (Praise the Lord!)
My name is Jayne Kuluo and I am married to Gideon and we have three sons – George, Denis and Joe. I belong to Emmanuel Cathedral, Kajiado and am a member of the Parish Church Council. I really enjoyed meeting your team and spending time with them when they visited in September and I look forward to strengthening our relationship through this mission. I am a member of the MU and also sit on several Diocesan Committees.

Entasopa pooke! (Greetings to you all!)
My name is Daniel Taama. I am married to one wife called Agnes Lanoi. We have five children and one grandson. I work in the Planning & Development Office of the Diocese and am in charge of Meto Rural Centre. I also enjoyed being with your group who visited recently and drove them over many kilometres. I hope to return some of the Christian love shown to us through this mission. To visit you will be a long dream come true and I pray it will be a blessing to all.

The hope of the team is to not only receive blessings during their time in Ireland, but also to be a blessing to all whom they encounter. Talking about the teams visit, Regional Mission Partner Niall Manogue says, “I am delighted that this team is coming to visit Ireland. I believe that team Baraka will bring much blessing during their stay and I am excited about the impact that this time can have on our relationships and links between Ireland and Kajiado, and vice versa.”

Team Baraka will be hosted by St Paul’s Parish in Lisburn, continuing to develop the friendships and links formed during the parish’s META visit over the summer. Click here to read about St Paul’s visit to Kajiado Diocese.

The Baraka team will have a busy programme. During their time here they will share fellowship and stories with parishes and groups across Ireland, and no doubt enjoy the renowned Norn Iron hospitality …and weather! Amongst other activities, they will be visiting various parishes and joining in Sunday services, spending time with Mothers’ Union, and visiting local schools and community projects.

Please keep the all the members of Team Baraka, and their families, in your prayers in the coming weeks as they prepare to travel to Ireland, and continue to remember them during their stay. Pray also for all the parishes, particularly St Paul’s, and others, who will be welcoming the team and spending time with them during their stay.

We will be keeping you updated on team Baraka’s experiences and sharing some of their stories from their visit, so check the website to keep up to date with the news.